500 startups incubation

Lessons from a startup which has been incubated by 500 Startups in the US. With focus on the growing Indian Market, Annkur shares what he learnt from being incubated abroad

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Privacy Image

A post about how Indian culture evolved and role privacy plays in the same. Highlighted a few examples where privacy breach is so obvious and yet very prevalent in India.

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Should cofounders code for the startup? Outsource? Lets end the debate

A post answering whether co-founders should code in their own startup, build teams, hack or simply outsource. This post clarifies several misconceptions that are faced by startup founders today.

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Planning to transfer your website? Here are a few things to take care

Changing your website host

Have recently transferred BizDharma to a new web host and things have improved with respect to site load time and expansion. I thought a quick post on things to take care during migration will help you, so here we go.

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Lessons learned pitching my startup idea to a gamut of customers

startup pitch presentation

The most repeated task that I have done in the last 30 days is pitching my startup idea to a whole bunch of users. Here is a brain dump of lessons I have learned pitching my dear startup idea to a whole bunch of users

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What is Responsive web design – Everything a business ever needs to know

Responsive Web Design everything

Responsive web design is the hottest topic in the world of web design due to the massive increase in mobile internet. This post answers all your questions on RWD.

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Interview questions you should ask your internship candidates

interview questions for intern

A quick post on interview questions you can ask to interns who are looking to give you a helping hand. The post will help you conduct better interviews and hire right internship talent.

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Entrepreneurship – A story of capability and insanity

Rising Entrepreneur

A journey towards Entrepreneurship. My quick update and how Entrepreneurship is really derived. Why we take risks and why we leave the plush jobs behind

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Why most sales tips and techniques dont work

The only sales technique needed

The only Sales tip every nagging sales man needs to read if they want to achieve their sales target. The technique mentioned here can just add a few more zeros to your bottom line

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Facebook user guide and How to shape your organization’s culture

Fun - Facebook - Corporate Culture

While no one needs a Facebook user guide, this post delves into the metaphor on how we learn facebook vs How we learn and develop a company’s culture

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