7 reasons you should not do an MBA

stopmbaLast time we tried to answer a few thoughts pertaining to the question, “Is an MBA worth it for me?” This is part two of this sequence where I would like to highlight 7 situations where one should not consider MBA as an option.

Though one is free to do MBA with multiple reasons it makes more sense to stop thinking about the MBA alternative if the reason for your MBA is only one of the below seven. As usual applying common sense in career decisions is highly recommended!

Never do an MBA when…

  1. When you can’t afford it – Yes that’s true! There are a good number of idiots still struggling to payback the loan installments they availed. They can’t make out what to do with their ‘so called’ knowledge. Don’t make that mistake. Analyze whether you really can afford an MBA and the post MBA life. Is it a career need or more of an infatuation of being an MBA? This answer is your first step to identify whether an MBA is really worth it for you. In case if you are not clear about such basic question an MBA degree is ought to go futile.
  2. When you are looking forward to startup your own venture – This might take you aback, but as per me and the experience that I have got, an MBA is not the right course for learning how to startup. MBA serves as a one course fits all when it comes to understanding business. Much of the content in an MBA is irrelevant to you if your sole motto is to start your own venture (and it is the first time). Also the much required startup content is not part of an MBA course. I believe even universities have understood this and there are specific startup courses coming up, you can probably look forward to them.
  3. When you want to switch industries –  This is a valid reason to do an MBA but I believe it is more relevant to people who have had enough expertise or work experience in a specific field. I meet people who have just started working in their companies and only because they don’t like the work out there, they want to switch every thing. They have neither tried other employers nor explored the current industry. As per my understanding this is more of a personal issue rather than a career issue.
  4. When you are not kickass – OK, now I am getting on your nerves! Before doing an MBA you need to take an honest feedback from fellow colleagues. Are you really active, smart and worth an MBA. We meet many executives struggling to climb the corporate ladder and all we can conclude is that, “Yes he is an MBA but he is not an MBA material.” You need to understand whether you have groomed yourself, whether you have utilized the current knowledge that you have. Are you ready for an MBA? Are you an MBA material ?
  5. When you are following the herd – If your decision is backed by your environment? Than there is an issue here! The environment will change, career trends might shift and everything else will change but the bank that paid your fees will not change. Never ever try to take a career decision based on what others are doing. There’s never a one size fits all scenario.
  6. When you want to become a manager – Most people think managers are the ones who have immense pleasure being a boss and they enjoy utmost comfort since they just need to direct people. They believe every manager is ineffective. I have personally managed teams and I know for sure that nothing can go wrong than this. The suit-clad director has much more pressure than you can even imagine. Doing an MBA to earn a managers post is the worst way of being one. Earn a degree, not a designation.
  7. When you want to earn more – Last but not the least people try to do an MBA to earn more. Earn more money, reputation, leisure etc. They believe slogging 2 years of their life studying an MBA (1 in case of an executive MBA) will result in decades of happiness. That’s a dream which will never come true. The jobs that you are targeting want the maximum out of you. They are not to suck every hour from you but they are there to challenge you to take up every responsibility and deliver. Earning wealth and repute is just a by product.

With this we end up a quick list on scenarios where MBA is not a right choice for you.

End of the day you need to research and research a lot. There is no direct answer to your MBA questions as the questions are very subjective. They pertain to you and no other. Doing an MBA is a challenging task, you need to estimate whether you really need one and are capable of the same. There will definitely be more luring universities than friends who can advice right on whether to do an MBA; so thought this post will help you further. Looking forward to your successful career.

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advice on starting your own business December 17, 2012 at 6:17 pm

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victor December 25, 2012 at 5:42 pm

Do you think doing MBA from top indian institutes like IIM is worthless ?

Himanshu Chanda December 26, 2012 at 3:36 am

Absolutely not Victor. I just think people who are not meant to do an MBA shouldnt waste their time and money on it!

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