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Exceptional stuff

Lets add a WOW to everything we do

Most of us always dream about doing something exceptional in our life span. This wishful thinking is not a sin. If you seriously consider, we as a race are supposed to evolve with time. However even with all these thoughts we still find ourselves at the end of the year standing at the same place as we were last time. Wishing a rocking new year to our self when we know nothing exceptional happened the previous year.

Wishful thinking is not  a sin, but not acting on one defintely is. While I am no guru in ensuring your success with mere blog posts (believe me its only you who can change your position), I do have a few thoughts before we bid adieu to the year going by. A few thoughts on building exceptional businesses, creating exceptional products and having an exceptional year ahead.

Since this is my last blogpost for year 2011 I need to help you out exceptionally right ?

Exceptional things happen to exceptional beings

While the world is agog in proving you that a normal mere mortal can make it big someday. I am not here to give you those dreams. Yes! let say this in your face that exceptional things are done by exceptional people and not the other way round. Are you exceptional?

While such questions can really be pricking, what we can do is approach the whole requirement in a scientific way. While you know that both of us are not exceptional (heck I admit), lets break this up into 2 parts. One, what I am right now. Two, What makes me exceptional.

By the way before we move on to this excercise let me assure you that being exceptional is not a rocket science. Good number of idiots seem to crack this. So why not you! Just calculate the difference between the you today and the you of Dec 2012. This difference is what has to be achieved nothing else.

The characteristics of being exceptional

Lets do another small excercise. Lets forget what exceptional is and try to work out synonyms for the word exceptional.

Exceptional is somethig different.
Something beyond what is existing.
Something that catches everyone’s eye.

Lets stop at this and re-read. Lets derive some layman inferences from this so that it becomes more reasonable, understandable and doable – to be exceptional.

Exceptional is something different

You need to be different to be exceptional. Thats the first step. You cant do the same old things hoping something exceptional will happen some day. Thats wishful thinking again. You need not be a lady gaga but you can still scratch the surface of being different in the industry that you belong.

Can you be a bit different. Like caring for a customer even post the billing is done. Like implementing what the customer says in his feedback and going back to him and say ‘Hey, Thanks for the feedback. See I have implemented this. Do you like me more?’. Different is challenging the norms. Questioning the assumptions. Trying to swim in waters unexplored

Exceptional is beyond existing

Nothing which is happening currently as a daily chore can be termed exceptional. But at times the same daily chore just executed a little bit more can be exceptional. Smiling more while greeting customers, listening a bit more to junior staff, caring a bit more for the family. You are already doing all this. Just a bit more and Bang! you are exceptional.

Every company cares for its customers. They cant afford to lose them. Customer is their lifeline. Yet there are winners and losers in the same game. The Winners, for the records, Just care a bit more.

Exceptional catches everyone’s eyes

Doing exceptional is just not enough in todays world. You have to club an acknowledgement with it. You need to know that just cooking great food will make no great sense if people dont try it. Having a huge customer base is still not enough if they are not passing the word of mouth.

There are thousands of brands in each product line and a million messages bombarded on the customer. He is a mere mortal! Dont expect him to consider you for your good work. Reach out for him. Let them know that you are doing some exceptional stuff out here.

So ready for something exceptional

Probably we read articles for weird reasons. We have developed this habit of more reading and less implementing. We mistake this for learning. Reading is not learning. Doing is.

At the start of this article all you wanted was to be exceptional. Being exceptional is not a secret formula. Its a simple procedure which requires persistence. To repeat – All you need to do is Do different stuff which is exceptional, Walk the extra mile and than ensure that your target market knows that you are exceptional. You just need to do these things period.

As I lay back on my bed I read the below lines I wrote long back on the whiteboard front of me

Knowing is not enough, you need to apply it.
Willing is not enough, you need to do it.
– Bruce Lee

Now go ahead and be exceptional ! We will catch up next in 2012.. Happy holidays till then.

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Pradeep January 5, 2012 at 8:13 am

Once again an exceptional post is all I can say. Time to go and implement it.

Puneet Bhatnagar January 11, 2012 at 2:34 pm

An exceptional post. Already hungry for the next one.

Himanshu Chanda January 14, 2012 at 7:46 pm

Thanks for the appreciation Puneet. The next dish is ready. Hope you had your bite of motivation with it.

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