All your money is in my shoes!

shoes customer moneyHow many times have you been bugged with your customer, employer, supervisor, girlfriend, etc? But do you have any option?

Well this is a bit experimental post that I would like to try.

Imagine the same person standing in front of you. This is an open letter from him/her to you. Just read on what he/she has to communicate.


Hi. Meet me, I am the one you want. I am a your customer, employer, supervisor, your lifer partner whatever. I am anyone who you are craving for. I understand that you have desires. Desire to earn more, to enjoy life, succeed or whatever (you see I don’t seem to care, finally thats what our customer’s do).

But you too should understand some cold hard facts. Understand that I am unique, I am moody and YOU love me. Understand that without me you have no personna of your own. And most important, understand that I know there are a thousand more like you, or probably a million. They too have a similar dream. And there are very few like me who might be interested in you. You are convincing and I am finicky.

So what are you thinking. Will I concur to whatever you have to offer without a thought? Will I buy your stuff, employ you, nurture you, love you without any hard work from your side? If that is what you think simply get lost. (I know you don’t have that option). So in case if you know that there’s no escape. Come impress me, influence me, persuade, communicate, cherish, pamper me. Most important solve whatever problems I have. And than you will achieve me, win over me.

So your problem is narrowed now its simply to solve my problems. And to do that understand my problems. Feel the way I feel. If you can do that I will trust you. If you can’t? I have another millions to chose from. Feel my problems, solve them as if they are your first priority. Try to get into my shoes. Period.

Once you solve these we will build a relationship. I will cherish every moment I spend with you. I will refer you to others. They will buy more stuff from you. They will employ you. The picture will change. They will crave for you.

So the idea for success is pretty simple. Impress me ! You don’t need to do much work for that. Just be what you are. Be human. Humans should understand the pain of others. If you can do that You Win. If you don’t know how to do that, learn. Learn, practice, ask, communicate, analyze. Most important  – Try. Ask your school teachers to teach you. Set up a course in your office for every executive like you. This is not an advice; this is the only option you have.

So what are you waiting for. Get into my shoes, because this is where all your money is. All your targets, goals, plans, and your nirvana. Get in to my shoes. Now !


In the end, the customer doesn’t know, or care, if you are small or large as an organisation.. she or he only focuses on the garment hanging on the rail in the store. — Giorgio Armani

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