Happy Birthday Internet! A video recap of the whole journey, and facts you should know.

internet1Last week our best friend, “Internet” celebrated its fortieth birthday. It has been a journey of great changes and innovations that we saw. So just thought to pause by and wish this granny a Happy Birthday!

From raw HTML web pages to modern day applications. Starting from the Email and instant messaging to today’s world of scrapping, publishing, tweeting, and broadcasting, Internet has drastically changed the way we communicate.

And in case if you don’t know how this mammoth was born hang on, this post consists of a really good documentary (approx 8 mins) that describes and complete journey of modern day’s Internet. Also just searched some quick facts from across the web, the ones I believe you should know.

So relax. Put on those speakers and watch this documentary. And once you are done do go through the facts below specially cooked for you 😉


And finally before signing off, some Internet facts you should know.

  1. In all there are 1.393 billion people using Internet. With the highest in China (253 million) and lowest in Vatican city (93). With China, Japan and India in top 5, 42% Internet population is from Asia. By the way we are 6.67 billion in population on this planet.
  2. South Korea, Singapore, the Netherlands, Denmark and Taiwan are the top five countries listed in terms of access to high-speed Internet. (And we thought its US). Want faster internet, go to South Korea. The average download speed in South Korea is 20.4 megabits per second (mbps)
  3. Vinton G. Cerf, known as the ‘father of Internet’, is now the vice president and chief internet evangelist for Google. The design of the Internet was done in 1973 and published in 1974.  The roll out of Internet took place in 1983, after ten years of research and hard work.
  4. Getting remember-able Domain names is a challenge now a days. Some highest selling domain names included single word domains Sex, Fund, Porn, Diamonds, Business, Casino AsSeenOnTV, Shop etc.
  5. Business.com sold (as a domain+website) for 345 million $$$ on 26 July 2007.
  6. To hit a target of 50 million users the Radio took 38 years, TV took 13, Cable took 10 years and Internet took 5 years only !
  7. The first Web site built by Berners-Lee at info.cern.ch went live on August 6, 1991. Berners-Lee also made his site the world’s first Web directory, adding a list of other sites.This is no more available but a replica of the same in maintained.
  8. The oldest registered domain is “Symbolics.com” This was registered on March 1985. Recently this has been bought by XF.com and is managed till date.
  9. The current Internet Protocol version IPv4, can generate only 4.29 billion unique addresses. And if you thought that was a huge number, it is estimated that this will exhaust by 2011. Dont worry a new unlimited version is in development.
  10. There are about 150 web addresses per person in the world. Translated: If you spent just one minute reading every website in existence, you’d be kept busy for 31,000 years. Without any sleep.
  11. On 25th July 2008 Google claimed that it has indexed  a whooping 1 trillion (as in 1,000,000,000,000) unique URLs on the web at once! By the way in 1997 there were 26 million URLs in existence

Hope you enjoyed the video and the facts gathered. Do remember they were not from me, they were from the Internet. Finally signing off with the following quote.

And bring me a hard copy of the Internet so I can do some serious surfing.  ~Scott Adams

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