BizDharma hits a 50 !

50Congratulations! Yes that’s true and mind you we have made it together. This is the 50th post here on BizDharma. (Though a personal post I believe you should go through this as it will be worth your time spent).

Across last 11 months we have been discussing about various business events, commenting on approaches and sharing insights about tools and techniques that helps us take our business to the next level. There have been some hiccups at times and some really awesome moments during this tenure so I thought it would be the right time for me to take a halt and say all of you a BIG THANK YOU!

Top Business Articles you liked the most.

I am sure those who have been following BizDharma from quite sometime have already gone through this article posted at start of this year. And those who haven’t go check out. Getting a bit change in track and not posting the Quarter results, I thought I can post a round up for this year till date when I hit a fifty. So here are the top business articles till date for this year.

The top 5 business posts/articles –

  1. The most controversial post was – Isn’t Piracy good for the Entertainment Industry? (Or rather any industry).
  2. Most shared post has been – How Twitter is better than Google for Businesses
  3. Best list created (this ones as per me) – 10 ways how to sell more, even at a premium
  4. Fourth in this top 5 is – Is Google trying to bailout Google Buzz
  5. A helpful resource to understand IP was Understanding Intellectual Property Rights: Introduction

(Shh.. there was a April fool post too!)

The journey till here and ahead.

This one is for those who really question me a lot about BizDharma. So this time let’s get personal. Though if you are starting up new, do check the About page link at the top, I have knowingly kept it the same. Going ahead, First things first, this is a business blog which serves as a platform for me to share my knowledge and helps me take up my understanding further. The posting frequency has never been like other blogs on this topic. That’s for the simple reason that if I am not satisfied with the quality of the post I simply do not hit the publish post button. It makes no sense posting daily with no value add to the user.

By the way do you know you can even subscribe to the RSS feed or can receive these business articles directly to your inbox by entering your name in the form given on the homepage.

Currently BizDharma has approx 1000 page views a month and growing healthily, subscribers who directly receive post in their inbox has gone up and reached 70, last quarter I posted approx 15 articles which will now increase henceforth. The comments count reached 180 till date and the tweets you shared were countless.

Looking ahead I will now raise the bar with more core articles which discuss theories and their applications. All the understanding that I got from my MBA will be up here for you absolutely free, also as many of you asked in the survey (Didn’t fill the Survey, its right here) more resources will be shared for businesses, and specially startups.

So be all geared up for the new BizDharma. We will soon be completing 1 year on this blog. And before I forget; thank you to those who share these articles with their respective groups. Your comments, mails and Tweets were really motivating and I definitely look forward to add more to your business gyan. By the way, did I tell you a good number of articles here are researched on requests that people make. If you want me to cover any specific topic, you can directly shoot me a quick request here by mailing me on Himanshu (dot) Chanda (at) BizDharma (dot) com

Thanks for reading this post and wish you great business learning and success!

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Musba June 11, 2010 at 11:53 am

Dear Chanda,

I have been following your post for quite some time now. I appreciate that it is not like many other blogs, where some bloggers head-dive to write (or rather scribble) daily than collate sensible stuffs. I revere your passion expressed through the tagline “Following Business, Religiously!”

Posting 50 ‘quality’ articles is not easy. I started one such activity (the group culture) four years back and had to discontinue after 2 years due to poor response. Maybe I was advance for my group. But we still don’t know who will be the next Nick Clegg. I like you articles because they are: 1. Simple, 2. To the point & 3. Add values. Looking forward for more such posts…

It’s time to add video feature to your post (on days when u are extremely busy) now. Since you are addressing an international audience we will sure like to hear on Greece’s newest odyssey and terms like ‘bond spread’, customer development…

Congratulations on 50!

Warm Regard,


Chanda Himanshu June 13, 2010 at 4:29 am

Hey Abdulla,

Its great getting in touch with you again via BizDharma. And thanks for the kind words, it really motivates.

The video posts are in pipeline but I am first considering a new design for BizDharma which will probably go live in a month or two. Post that there will be a series of video posts covering 1 topic extensively.

Also thanks for the highlighted topics. Bloggers always need inspiration 😉 Will cover them soon.

Do keep in touch and let me know if I can improve upon this. Hopefully BizDharma will hit a 100 faster.

Himanshu Chanda

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