Is your boss blindly in love with your customer?

Customer is the reason we are in business.

Boss loves CustomerAh! The great old phrase every manager tosses when you believe the customer is sabotaging you or your team. We all know customers are important and reason for our existence but at times some of us are in an unconditional love with the customer.

And Love as you know, knows no boundaries. It’s blind! And blind people can’t differentiate. They just forget what is right and what is wrong. Have you been in this situation? Well ideally if you have worked even a single day of your life; chances are this scenario is not new to you. The drama when your boss falls in Love with your customer. (No need to mention and you are the villain in this whole drama!)

It’s difficult to start with. You boss governs you, Decides your fate. And the customer rides his mind. Though we know who customers are but we even understand that customers at times can be too demanding and a bit illogical.

So what can be done if this happens?

Examine – Yourself

Examine. Cross check yourself. This is the most important step. Chances are you are frustrated because you are under pressure. Or probably you planned a weekend getaway and the sudden request (demand) of working on a weekend is upsetting you. Understand whether there is a problem with the customer, your boss or yourself? Remember when customers or bosses are in the story you just can’t take chances

Explain – Your Boss

Explain your boss the real situation. No, don’t crib! If at all he gets the feeling that you are cribbing or complaining about your customer; He will not only turn a deaf ear but at the same time will not entertain you from next time onwards. Explain in the way he understands. Show him the real picture which he is missing with his naked eyes. That’s the key.

Provide alternatives – To Customers

Your customer might not understand all the alternatives that are available to achieve the same demand. He might feel the only way to work out a solution is the one that makes you slog. Provide alternatives to him. Teach him. The key here is genuineness. If you are doing this just to change the customer’s decision, it might probably be difficult. If this is done to help him, you will earn goodwill (needless to say you will slog less).

Slog but Prove

Probably no one is listening to your alternative. That’s fine. Things never workout in the way we feel is the best. Don’t lose hope. Work the way the Boss (Customer) wants. At the same time if possible work on the alternate solution too, but in stealth mode. When you present both the solutions in front of them, they will understand that you were right. Do remember that at times the customer/boss just doubts whether you can finish the assignment. This is a red sign. Don’t fight with alternatives; you would have to prove yourself by showing results. Prove that you can work the way they want and then show them the right alternative too. Try to take the buy-in. That’s the key here.

Talk, Patch and Love

Talking is a great device. I do a lot of it 😛 Understand that you keep everyone aware. Not just of the status of any task but also about the inputs you are adding to the whole struggle. The key is to develop relationships. Patch up. At the end of the day you too have to fall in love with the customer or probably fall out of this love story. I prefer patching up and loving all rather than quitting. Cause the latter is not always possible.

While I believe this was the most sensible advice that someone can give, I recommend you take it with a pinch of salt.

Hope you got some healthy thoughts to cope up with this love story drama. And if that is not the case?

Remember – Customer is the reason we are in business. Sigh!

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