Customer is NOT the king & 5 questions to know more about the real king.

Customer is the king. Does she really give profits ?At times it’s good to think radical. Take any basic nobrainer statement which every body accepts to be true and try to think whether it’s really true. Yeah, you might feel stupid to do so but in case if rightly done there are chances of getting something that is so common that none have actually thought about examining it.

Let’s try to decode this. We run businesses. We run them to achieve numerous goals, profits being one of the priorities. Profits come from people who pay for your service. And if there are profits, the business survives. Hence the term Customer is King was devised. But why stop here? Let’s take this thought and dig a bit deeper. Customer pays, you profit. But Customer pays to whom. Do you pay to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? OK, let’s take this to simpler terms. Do you know the Owner or Manager of the company for each and every product that you buy? Rather are you even concerned? We buy, not from owners but from sellers, the support guys, the employees. They are the face of the company. If they are rude, we feel the company is rude. If they cheat us we believe the company is bogus. They are the ones that make the first impression. Rather even the second, third, fourth…. Impressions.

So if you are to buy that beautiful dress from the Mall, it’s not the owner that is part of your buying experience but the one selling the dress, the one attending you, and even the one who smiled and welcomed you to the shop. Your Employees. They are the real marketing tools. Many of you might say, “Hey, I know that. Many call them as internal customer, right?” Yes you are right. I am talking about your internal customer, the employee. But if we already know that, what are we doing to increase the overall experience of the internal customer.

Ask yourself these 5 questions.

  1. If 10% of your employees quit the company for whatever reason, will they praise this organization once they are not part of it?
  2. Do you believe when Employees get back home every day (or at least once in a while) they cherish the feeling of working in your organization?
  3. How many reforms have been introduced for the internal customer vs. the external customer in last one year?
  4. Your sales department is always under pressure and rewarded well in good times. Is this the same with the HR department too?
  5. Does every employee in the organization believe that the organization’s growth is his moral responsibility?

If any of the above questions is answered “No” there are chances that the internal customer is not happy. She is demoralized. And there are chances that some day this will impact your external customer; your profits. And then you will panic. Why to create a problem first and then try to resolve it. It’s stupid, isn’t it? So go ahead, your customer, your King is waiting for you to caress her.

And do remember to re-question yourself these 5 questions from time to time and you will make sure that the external customers keep on increasing miraculously!

“Encourage your people to be committed to a project rather than just be involved in it.” – Richard Pratt

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