Does passion really matter? Most difficult questions about passion

Passion lives deep within
Passion lives deep within

If you have read even an hour of content about starting up, you have definitely read about having passion; a dozen times or more. It seems passion is the key thing to start anything in life.

While at face value we all believe this to be true, deep inside some of us have are disconnected. Is passion really required?

I can develop passion for anything in this world

I have met many individuals who quote “Show me the money and I will get passion for doing it”. It seems as if they are so powerful that they can do anything. Super humans. Just show them a workable idea, a strong business model and they will go achieve it! They can develop passion for anything! Really?

If you are one of the above and you are ready to dive in on a profitable business whatever it is; then let me tell you who you really are. You are a dog! Yes a dog. A dog that runs and catches balls and Frisbees for their owners. You try to run and catch upon a shiny object and return back. You think you have won. But the owner tosses the ball again and you run. He sits and enjoys the garden tossing Frisbees. End of the day you lose hope, he had a good time and both of you go back home.

Owners are friends, media and people who throw ideas to you.

Why you are a dog?

dog gamesIf you found the above paragraph demeaning, let me tell you why I strongly believe that. There is a huge difference between doing something in your mind and doing something in reality. In this real physical world and not in your brain’s Lala land.

People envision themselves doing some activity, executing an idea, making & marketing that product and Boom! They go millionaire! This took around 60 seconds to imagine. It will take around 60 months to achieve this in most of the cases in this real world (assuming you are doing something legal).

No brand was built in a minute,
No product shipped in a day,
No influence created with one tweet and
No millionaire minted with just one idea!

That’s the difference. Most of us can’t work on one single thing for 60 months. Working and reworking. Polishing it every day. With the same enthusiasm as if we started today. We can do this kind of activity with things that really drive us crazy! We are passionate about!

No professional, startup or a corporate gets up daily to improve their bottom lines by x %. They get up for adding value, trying new things, doing stuff which will be exciting to them and their community. That’s what they do. Bottom lines are directly proportional to this passion.

But can there be exceptions…

You see, we are in this dark world of diplomats (me being one). We have a tendency of saying “It Depends!” to any question we don’t have a clear answer for. We believe the world always has a few exceptions. Probably you can point me out to a few people who were not passionate yet successful. I want to bash those doubts too.

Try to look one level deeper. Probably you are looking at a person who had no idea about technology and made it big in this domain. “When someone is a noob to a field how can he develop passion and win; even though being a late entrant?” Passion my friend need not be domain or industry specific. People are passionate to start businesses, meet people, challenge themselves and even earn money. All of this is not industry specific.

They drive themselves; which ever domain they belong to. They are passionate to get up early morning with enthusiasm and go off to bed at night with sweat on their brow. That’s passion again!

So there is no alternative to passion. Period.

Now go ahead. Be passionate. Rock your world!

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