Elevator pitch and fundamentals to care of when delivering the same.

elevatorpitchThe term ‘Elevator Pitch’ simply means the shortest yet the best way to describe your product, business or service. It need not communicate all the information in that short span but it definitely needs to make sure that it creates interest in the receiver’s mind and you are called in to know more about what you do.

Most of the times you won’t get a direct and easy chance to meet the people who can help you by investing in your idea, buying your product or help you achieve your goals. But when they meet you (in some weird place like while using the elevator) all they can provide you is the time the elevator goes from the basement to the top floor. Incase you are able to attract their attention and interest within that time; you get a chance to meet and pitch in more details. The meeting need not always be in an elevator but the understanding is that it can be given anywhere in whatever time is available. It’s your only option !

Following are some basic yet important things to take care in your Elevator pitch.

  1. The fundamentals – Keep it short. An elevator pitch has to end on time. Incase if you miss that you leave the listener with half the information which is absolutely useless. You need to keep it short enough to remember.
  2. Get to the core. Don’t talk about everything – You have to get to the core message. Adding fluff with jargons, Industry hackneyed words will not get you through. The core has to be simple, remember able and recommendable.
  3. Start with a bang to gain attention – This is an adage you need to get tattooed on your head. First impressions are not only the last but the only impressions you can make with an elevator pitch. If you don’t get his attention you are wasting your time. Period.
  4. Use keywords well – This is a search engine tip, but this works great with elevator pitches too. Even though you communicated a great message, chances are that you wont be remembered. So why not use words that get ingrained in the listeners mind. Why not talk about the solution so well, that when the problem strikes, your name has to be on the receiver’s mind.
  5. Don’t talk about competition – Quiet a few do this mistake and this can be a grave one. Yeah, people are interested to know how you are better than others in your industry but that’s a talk left for later meetings. Right now you are in an elevator and the tenth floor is near. Try to speak about your competencies (Until and unless its very required to compare).
  6. What makes you different. Your USP – This is quite a bit in sync with point 4. Define the problem area and the solution in a well thought manner. You have to get your USP across in such a way that the receiver understands that you stand out of the crowd.
  7. Practice – Again as the adage goes – Practice makes a man perfect. No matter how smart you are without practice you definitely are a dodo. You need to visualize and understand what is it that ensures your communication goes through.
  8. Observation – The other key is observation. You have to observe and re-practice. At times you have to amend your pitches on the spot. You have to rethink how the pitch went by and how can you improve yourself. This observation and practice can guarantee you a road to success with your awesome and perfect elevator pitch.
  9. Passion and Body language – Last but not the least is passion and body language. When you are really confident, excited or enthusiastic about some stuff it show and believe me passion is contagious. You need to be passionate when you pitch. Your body language should coordinate with the way you want the message to go forth. These are the invisible parts of a pitch that can make or break it.

These were few pointers that can help you give your best Elevator pitch next time when you sense an opportunity. Do let me know if you require any more information.

The only way to know how customers see your business is to look at it through their eyes. – Daniel R. Scroggin

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Igor August 13, 2009 at 11:38 am

It is best to start your elevator pitch with words like:

“You know when..”
“Are you familiar with a problem that”

State a problem and project your business as a solution tool


Chanda Himanshu August 13, 2009 at 7:33 pm

Good tip igor Thanks. And as you rightly pointed talk about the problem and your solution to it more than talking about yourself. If your solution is worth considering the receiver will get back and would like to know more about you….

Pradeep September 30, 2011 at 5:20 am

Nice posts and great tips. Point #4, using keywords is really important and I would appreciate a few examples there.

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