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Not often do we get events specially targeted for Entrepreneurs. I got the opportunity to participate in one of such good events. Thanks to YourStory.in for the same. Just a few thoughts about the same and a glimpse of time well spent.

Just before I get into the nitty gritties a peek-a-boo into the event details

The Event Entrepreneur Forum Summer 2009
The Theme Beating the odds, and raising money in a down turn.
The Venue Nehru Center, Mumbai

The Speakers
1. Sarbvir Singh, Managing Director – Capital 18
2. Cyrus Driver, Managing Director – Helix Investments
3. Sanjay Chakrabarti, Partner, Markets – Ernst and Young
4. Rahul Patwardhan, Vice Chairman and MD – India CoVentures
5. Nikhil Khatau, Managing Director – Mayfield Funds
6. Ashish Goenka, Business Advisor – UK India
7. Nitin Shah,
Managing Director – Allied Digital.

The gist

While all the presentations were really informative there were certain ideas that simply sticked. One of those was a slide from Sarbvir where he showed the relation between the birth years of some well-known riches. He called this a wave, where in big honchos like Vinod Khosla, Bill Gates, Bill Joy, Steve Ballmer etc were all born in 1954-55. This was a co-incidence and all got great opportunity from their times. Same way (as he said) we too hold this as an Indian Wave where we are in the right country, right age group, right economy, with right demographics and hoards of opportunities. We can excel easily if we give it a shot. Great details captured by him.

Cyrus gave 11 straight forward lessons that he learnt across his career that can be useful for any and every entrepreneur. Others too gave a good gist of lessons they learnt, so that young and budding entrepreneurs can take some serious lessons without re-inventing the wheel.

Apart from the great presentation, a bigger opportunity was the networking that we were exposed too. Many entrepreneurs and some wanna be’s discussed the way ahead in the sufficiently provided breaks. It was a great evening for many who just meet each other at such events. I met and made two good friends Hanish Pherwani, the creator of okassionz.com and Shradha the founder of yourstory.in.

The Final Blow

To wind up the event there were some on the spot entrepreneurial steroids provided by an outstanding person, Dr. A Velumani the creator of Thyrocare. He answered a young chap’s question. Blunt, to the point and yet edutaining. He gave a gist of his journey and mesmerized the whole crowd. People applauded each and every advice he gave. It was a delight listening to this gentle man.

Shradha the founder of yourstory was a great compere for the show, and kept the enthusiasm levels high for the whole event. All in all a great day spent and great learning gained. I wish Shradha ad YourStory good luck and hope for more of such events in coming future.

Event meter – 4.5/5

Oh how can I forget the take away! Since the discussion was about the down turn this one for you from thikexist.com

“Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.”
— E. Joseph Cossman quotes (Entrepreneur)

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Kunal June 6, 2009 at 11:37 am

Good opportunity like attending such seminars can change one’s life nd thinking.

Chanda Himanshu June 6, 2009 at 8:44 pm

Yes of course. And to add a bit more you get great contacts !

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