Entrepreneurship – A story of capability and insanity

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In case if you have been following this blog for some time you would know that it wasn’t updated in last 4 months?! Writing this post is my first affirmation to you that I am not dead :)

Last 4 months have been a roller coaster ride. To apprise you of the most important I have left my plush corporate job and headed on the adventure of startups. Few months back I completed a decade of working full time for various entities. My life, for those who know me personally, has always been adventurous. A mix of challenges, stupid mistakes, laurels, goof ups and achievements. What personally fascinates me is the expression that I see on people’s face when I tell them a few incidents from my past. Nothing to boast about; but I believe this is what made me feel that this life is worth living.

Plunge into Entrepreneurship

Office Farewell Card

Office Farewell Card

First and foremost I would rather say I have taken a break. Break from the daily politics that I faced. Break from the unreasonable things that one was supposed to do without understanding why? It would be wrong to say that my job was bad or I plunged due to any work life issues. Rather I always rocked as a team member.

Reading BizDharma from last 3 years you would realize my aspirations.

Decisions like these are always hard to take. I have a simple litmus test which helps me in such situations. All I do is imagine myself writing an autobiography. What should be done in real life can be judged by asking yourself what would you prefer writing in the autobiography 30-40-50 years down the line. I prefer writing that I gave a chance to my dreams!

Dreams are always there, all you need is a spoonful of Guts! (tweet this)

I believe Entrepreneurship is a crazy thing! Here I am referring to startups and not small businesses (hope you get it). One knows for sure that to make a considerable change he has to add value beyond his limits. At the same time if you have watched life closely you would agree that the world is not worth slogging so hard for. I don’t know for you but for me this is the case. And probably the reason not many take the plunge. But there still stays a strange feeling above all. A feeling of passion, frustration, fire.  Something that pokes you to try insane stuff.

I don’t know whether there is victory/failure ahead. All I know is I won’t die feeling guilty that I never gave it a shot (tweet this).

Am I capable?

Let us be true to ourselves. We always have high expectations from every external thing, person or relation. So is the case with me. But I do expect a lot from myself too. If you do the Math of a corporate job vs Entrepreneurship, you will never take a plunge. The cubicle life though painful, is safe. The startup life on the other hand is more painful and more risky. When 8 out of 10 startups fail, you know your bets.

Even after having said that, Entrepreneurship is not for cowards. The best that I could think as of now is to define Entrepreneurship as a mix of both capabilities and insanity. I personally don’t feel myself all that capable. But having worked with some awesome volunteers and startups from last 3 years I guess I do qualify.

People around me always are confident on my capabilities. And I have been confident that I am insane (No Pun intended). Well that very thought made me take the plunge.

Probably I won’t be able to make the next billion dollar venture (with the 80:20 success aspect discussed earlier, I might have to fight even for survival). However I do intend to add enough value to make this risk worthwhile.

I would brief you when I have a MVP (minimum viable product) to show. By that time BizDharma (and Me) would take a sigh of relief since I was super packed in last 4 months. Hopefully the posts will start flowing again and things would now be normal.

Hope to catch up with more smiles and insights again. By the way what’s up at your end!

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Charleen Larson October 1, 2012 at 3:32 pm

Congratulations on taking the plunge. It’s great to get some fresh air outside the stultifying world of office politics. I think you’re going to like the new place you’re in.

Himanshu Chanda October 2, 2012 at 7:06 am

Thanks Charleen for the motivating words. Yes its hell of a ride :)

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