How to be Awesome. The real guide

Awesomely WowI can surely pull up a paragraph or two about Maslows hierarchy of needs to explain you how apart from basic necessities, being awesome is what all humans want need. But I guess you don’t require that. You already know you want to be awesome in whatever endeavor you are currently in. Probably at job, your new venture, in front of your life partner or your community. You want to gain respect in areas you are active in and hopefully this post will provide you genuine ways to do the same.

3 things you need to know about being awesome

Before we even begin to attempt being awesome I would like to clarify two most important things on this subject.

  1. Being awesome is possible – The only person who can stop you from achieving your dreams is you. You already know the internal conflicts that prevent you from rising ahead. (Though how to fight these internal voices is something we can discuss in a separate post). However to start off on our journey towards awesomeness you have to set a clear mind that it is possible and you can do it. You need to believe it. Period.
  2. Awesomeness is a bunch of attributes – If you started off well and find it difficult reaching the finishing line, well this one’s for you. You need to understand that doing what you are supposed to do or working hard is something which can be counted as your duty and not awesomeness. Awesomeness is different. It’s neither working hard nor being smart, although both hard working and smart guys are tagged awesome. Awesomeness is more of a bunch of traits that differentiate you. Some of which are highlighted below.
  3. Hard Working and Smart thinking is the tip of the iceberg – There is absolutely no doubt that you need to work hard and act smart. But this is where the game begins. This is the base and you need to take it ahead from here. This is the requirement for an interview call, the job definitely demands more!

awesome guyRather than giving you a step by step plan (believe me there is none of that sort), I prefer to highlight when is someone tagged awesome. Probably that is our goal and that is what we all strive for. Though even a single point from the below list if implemented can work wonders for you, I would always suggest to go for a combination of 2-3 so that you completely differentiate yourself.

So you are awesome when:

You solve a niche problem the exact way it is required

People have weird problems to which even Google doesn’t have any answer for. Concentrate on that little tribe and address their problem. Don’t ever try to satisfy everyone; just concentrate on this group. When you clearly identify your niche, you quadruple your chances of being awesome. Don’t be a good singer, be a good rapper! You have to do less and yet you achieve more.

You have raving crazy followers

This is weird but true. We live by evidence. We never go to a restaurant and ask “First give me a free meal to taste and judge your caliber. If I like I might may be I will pay a regular visit”. We don’t do that, we go with references. We feel if 1500+ people follow someone on twitter while he doesnt auto follow them, he ought to be awesome (by the way thats me :) )

You have a great sense of humor

This is mandatory. Tattoo this on the back of your head. Good humor breaks ice. Humor ensures people remember you, talk about you and when you are not around miss you. Let them say, “If John would have been here the event wouldn’t have been so boring…. He just adds life to the party”. Now that’s a way of saying you are awesome. Remember you were nowhere hard working, smart thinking, and all that monotonous useless stuff. You just ensured people around you are happy.

You have the stamina to survive

At times things go uphill. No matter how hard you try situations go out of control. This can happen to you but don’t worry this happens even with Spider Man :) . All you need to do is survive. Have stamina to get back and give another blow. Coming alive out of a hurricane is as daring as being awesome. Giving up is not an option for awesomeness!

You have figures by your side

We hate math, but we love numbers. Just say this is my product and 80% of Fortune 500 companies use my product daily. Will you give this product a try? Rather than saying we comply with Six Sigma standards, say if you buy a million shirts from us, we guarantee 999,999 will be of best quality and for the 1 defective we will repay you the cost of 3. This was a bold statement and has lot many figures. People remember figures and it builds credibility. 100% (figure).

Your work is focused and incremental

Let me ask you a question. How many steps do you feel you have walked till date? The answer can be somewhere around millions. But that doesn’t make you awesome. Now just rest of your life repeat those footsteps in one direction. Keep walking. Probably you will cover the globe twice, break a few guinness records, raise $$$ for charities and declared an awesome human being. What did you do? 1 task you have already been doing, added complete focus and started 1 step at a time. You are bloody awesome.

You do it first and do it right

Apple makes awesome products. What’s so special? They don’t make products, they make industries. You identify smart phones as iPhone killers. You talk about the iPhones. Take 10 devices and none have the word tablet in their name, they are all called Pads!!! The iPad is no more a tablet, it’s an iPad. But remember to do it right. Don’t waste the party in haste and be the first only to lose the battle to others. Orkut and MySpace probably were the winners but are now mere contenders in front of facebook. Do it first time and do it right. Create awesome products.

The final one – You add value

That is the bottom line dear. Whatever you do, you have to add value. Any of these above tips or rather pull all the tips this world can give you. Every tip has one base. It adds value. If you add values (and a lot of it) someday you will definitely end up being declared awesome. Even if it takes time, ensure you add as much value as possible. More time means more value, more value means more awesomeness!!

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Amay March 17, 2011 at 10:05 am

Adding value is definitely the key. I will never consider anyone worthy if he or she doesnt contribute to the circle they belong to.

Himanshu Chanda March 17, 2011 at 5:28 pm

Completely agreed. With so much noise around we have to be persistent and keep adding value. This forms the base and helps us tip!

Charleen Larson March 22, 2011 at 12:36 pm

One might say awesome is as awesome does.

Agree with you about the sense of humor. My husband doesn’t understand why I write a blog dedicated to something he finds utterly trivial. I do it because it amuses people and there is no better way to gain influence than by entertaining.

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