How to double your sales with a simple hack

How to double sales

How to double sales

Increasing sales and achieving those stringent sales targets is like a dream that every professional or startup wants to achieve. We discussed about the complete guide to get referrals and increase sales some time back. Today we will discuss a hack which will help you understand How to double your sales!

The issue of doubling your sales

Right from my kindergarten days; The simplest way I have learned to solve any issue is to break up the problem into as small pieces as possible and then target each one individually. While this helped me solve quite some Math puzzles, I guess the same logic applies to doubling sales with the least effort.

Why Buying is a pain

Buying your product is a decision making activity.

Buying is a verb. A task. And a task takes effort to perform. Decision making is another task, and again takes some effort to perform. Most of us dont sell rice and wheat which are basic necessities to a human being. Buying a staple diet is not a rocket science decision but buying everything else is.

That means whenever we sell we are making our customer do 2 things

  1. Make the decision whether to buy or not
  2. Buy the product

confused sales manIf the first task is not done, the second wont happen. What if the first task (decision making) is difficult?

The best option to chose when you are doing any task is to Quit! (Ya we all are lazy morons) Things we dont like – we simply quit. So if decision making is tedious, confusing, time consuming, or just doesn’t feel right; you customer will quit decision making for some time! That means he will not buy and you wont have a sale!

Moral of your sales story – Make his decisoin making task as simple as possible. Showing him benefits creates a mental picture. You see your self having a smooth ride in that luxury car. Paint that picture. Dont throw a brochure choke full of technicalities. Telling your customer the features you offer doesnt educate him, it confuses. It makes him think more. Like:

Seller: The ground clearance of this vehicle is the best for our city.
Buyer: (Thinks) What is ground clearance? Is this fellow fooling me? Should I compare this with other cars and then get back?

The chances of the buyer actually going home, comparing all your features, and getting back to you is super thin. He is just promising himself (aka lying himself) that he will get back. What he is doing is running away from decision making.

All of your persuasion, advertisements, marketing gimmicks, feature list, comparison charts, etc etc – Everything should revolve around one thing – make the decision making super simple for the buyer.

If he decides fast it helps both the parties. If his decision is Yes; Wow you made a sale. If No – great leave him and concentrate on other leads. It saves good time to ensure that the customer doesn’t waste time in decision making.

If that part is easy – chances of you having a sale doubles. The customer is in the showroom to buy. He is already a hot lead. What stands between you, him and your sweet sale – is a bloody decision whether to buy? Kill that uncomfort and double your sales today.

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marquita herald August 18, 2011 at 5:24 pm

Interesting article, but what really prompted me to leave a comment is this irritating social media bar that floats down the middle of your article – seriously?! I’m really hoping this is a technical glitch because I can’t imagine why anyone would think this is a good idea…

Himanshu Chanda August 18, 2011 at 6:58 pm

Hey Marquita,

Thanks for highlighting that. Yes it was a technical glitch and have immediately deactivated that functionality.. Seems users of older versions of Internet Explorer faced this issue.

Will workout getting better Social Media icons asap. Thanks for the headsup


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