How to get best testimonials and blow your sales

Great testimonials get more clients

Testimonials form a very important part in the sales cycle. To explain this statement, rather than elaborating on how to sell I would rather ask you to understand your own buying process. This way you will think in personal and realistic terms rather than as a salesman who has just one goal sell.

Why testimonials work

Apparently we would all agree that buying is one of the most confusing processes in our lives. Testimonials come as a helping hand out here. Leaving the minimalists and the self disciplined aside (which is a race near extinction); we are left with people who are spoiled with too many options to decide. And the moment we realize that someone is trying to sell us something hard, we develop an innate feeling of not buying the product. Whatever the quality be!

We would prefer buying ourselves rather than some one trying to sell us. And if buying has to be a self driven process we would require enough pointers to make that sale convert. Testimonials come in handy out here.

When we see a customer testimonial the lazy being in us says ”Hey! John who is such a moron can benefit from this product why cant me?”. Or if it is a business product the manager (inherently lazy) says “If 80% of the industry uses this software it has to be worth every penny. Come on, the whole industry can’t be wrong!”

So accept it wholeheartedly, we are lazy and Testimonials can drive us crazy!

Enough of convincing. Now let’s get ahead and understand how you can ensure that you will get testimonials and how to utilize them to the extreme.

How to get testimonials

Ask and ye shall receive

This is probably the most dumb and yet the most important advise that one can give. Asking is the key to getting. But there is a little secret under the hoods. You need to ask it upfront immediately after the service has been provided. This ensures you get a first hand feedback and you don’t need to push at all.

Imagine a company calling you reminding about how happy you were when you used their product 6 months back, will you vouch for them. If asked on time you just need to casually probe, “So what do you feel about the product?”. That’s it, yet many forget that’s so important.

Add bells for free and make their day

Most of the times when you are in a non-glamorous kind of industry there are chances you will not get testimonials easy and upfront. There is a reason for this. Are you always Gaga about your new pyjamas in any party you attend? Obviously No! Giving testimonials about products that you really don’t care about is natural. In case if you are stuck in a similar situation try to add some free bells to the ones who provide feedback.

Just say them, “Once you use this product I am sure you would return back to purchase more, but in case if you come back along with a feedback/testimonial I would be happy to offer you a x% discount”. This way you are addressing the problem with confidence and making your product reside at the back of customer’s mind.

Add a bit of aha! To their experience

Successful products satisfy needs. If they don’t, they are not successful. Period. But couple of times your products don’t go that extra mile to drive your customer crazy. In case if that is the case YOU need to go the extra mile.

Lets take another example here. You are in the gifting business. People buy expensive gifts that you deliver to their well wishers. Now good quality and on time delivery is the expectation that customers are spoiled with, so that cant be a reason they will be your raving fans. On the other side, what you can do is add a bit of surprise element to this. Why not personalize the design paper that you wrap the gift in? Why not take a picture of the person who receives the gift and send back to the one who ordered via you?

All these small techniques add a bit of personalization and result into memories customers cherish for a long time. Won’t it be great to be part of such memories? If yes you better create them.

Satisfy their needs the way they want

Most of the time the services that we offer get commoditized heavily by us and the customer’s expectations. It doesn’t matter whether the user is A or B, our services remain the same. But the demand of two different people is never the same.

Adding  a bit of customization to that website, or delivering that stationary graphic even when only the logo was ordered, are some things that make your customer feel “This ones just for you dear”. Once that is achieved your customer converts to a raving fan. One who will be ready to vouch for you anywhere and anytime possible.

Finally study them

You are in this business to earn (apart from other cool reasons of course) and the money comes from your customer’s pocket. So who should you and your product concentrate the most on? Are you kidding? The customer of course!

There can be many more ways to impress the customers in general but how can you get your work done from your customer depends completely on your relationship. Try to develop a healthy relationship. Study them and understand them more than they can understand themselves. If that happens no one can stop your profits reach the skies.

This was it for today, hope you got enough pointers on How to get testimonials for your next sale. Do provide your feedback on this post.

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Alex Papa November 25, 2010 at 5:43 pm

Hi Himanshu

The article is well-written. It’s quite true that people are interested in testimonial feedback for it becomes a brand-recognition factor. As you have rightly pointed out specific comments satisfies the customer and increases sales.

Alex Papa

Himanshu Chanda November 25, 2010 at 7:22 pm

Hey Thanks Alex for the comment.

And yes your point reminds me of one more thing. The more comments you receive from known/high profile guys the better your chances of winning more sales… So end of the day its important to keep those big tickets happy!

yuvarajsinh gohil December 2, 2010 at 7:33 am

interesting idea. it seems that you have been in sales for a long time.

Himanshu Chanda December 10, 2010 at 6:42 pm

Not exactly but have helped many in closing their sales 😉

Fernando December 5, 2010 at 12:38 am

Hi Himanshu! Found you via another blog!
I realized you use Thesis! Nice! Thesis All the way!
About the post, the feedback you receive when doing or selling something is so important that’s why I totally agree with you!
Hope to see you around!

Himanshu Chanda December 10, 2010 at 6:42 pm

Sure Fernando. Thanks for stopping by and yes lets be in touch..

Wasid January 17, 2011 at 8:19 am

Very usefull info

Chris July 22, 2011 at 8:45 pm

I just designed up a pretty cool infographic flowchart that shows “How To Get Testimonials” – I think you’ll like it.

Check it out on my blog:

Let me know what you think.



Himanshu Chanda July 22, 2011 at 9:34 pm

Yup nice infographic :) Did you make it yourself? What tools did u use…

Chris July 23, 2011 at 1:07 pm

Fortunately I can design pretty well although my main competency is marketing and strategy. I don’t know of any software that can do it besides the human touch.

Feel free to embed on your site :)


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