How to handle the Gatekeeper: A Sales tip from Google

googleFor those who are newbies to the world of Sales and Negotiation a gatekeeper is someone you need to face before you meet the end decision makers. When starting your sales process we always know the person, who is going to finally sign that check for us.

But before reaching the real boss we meet enough number of gatekeepers. The ones we greet with a smile and care as if they are the only ones important to us in the world. These can be colleagues, secretaries, friends or other acquaintances. Some will lead you to your destination and some will act as obstacles. What we need to find out is how to get pass the gatekeepers

There has been enough literature written about how to tackle the gatekeepers but recently I stumbled upon an idea which approaches this issue quite differently. I really liked this idea for 2 simple reasons: One, it’s an implementation and not a lone idea and two it’s delivered from none other than grand daddy Google!

Who is the Gatekeeper?

I know you might be anxious to know what I am referring to. To add more to your surprise let me tell who the gatekeeper is. It’s you! Yes you there.

We use many softwares daily at work and in our businesses as part of our professional lives. (Emails, Project Management, Communication etc) Entering into the market of providing software suites for office work and coordination is a real challenge. Google very well knows that though most of us just can’t live without these softwares, we have almost no control in deciding which suite will we chose and Google can’t just get to the decision makers without our support. So how do you handle such gatekeepers? Read on.

How Google handled the gatekeeper.

The software suite that we are talking is Google Apps*. It’s a bunch of software products that includes email, chat, project management, calendars etc. All the free stuff that we already enjoy packaged well with some enterprise features to make a premium product.

Google believes that they can save a ton of moolah for your company or startup but here’s the problem. How can they impress you? How can they actually communicate you that the suite is worth a look and how much ROI will it generate for you? The solution GoneGoogle.


GoneGoogle is a micro site which basically asks any user to just enter his/her company’s name and the number of employees that work in the company. What follows is a slew of slides that explain the user how his company can enjoy great service and save good amount of money at the same time.

My experiment

I just checked out the site by entering Bizdharma and providing a figure of 1000 employees working for BizDharma (This was just to try out the site, If you still believe that I have employed 1000 employees for this blog you need to get a mental checkup done :) )

The results: A company with 1000 employees can have following benefits:

  1. Employees will be 2.8 times more productive
  2. Have almost 25 terabytes in email space
  3. Communicate 36% more
  4. Save 1000 hours every year in updates
  5. 27,000 hours in productivity
  6. Almost 3 million dollars saved!

Yes, the figures seem pretty exaggerated to me but than you can just click options and modify the numbers that Google has assumed in its calculations. This will provide you a right figure. End of the day you read it, understood it and hey you are ready to share.

Give them a take away

While the presentation is on, you understand how much Google Apps cost? It advantages? Its features and how it will benefit to you. Buy you the lazy gatekeeper! Will you share this with colleagues and let Google in? You bet.

At the end of the presentation Google asks whether you are ready to share these revelations with others. Hit YES and following is what you get

  1. A well formatted Excel Sheet that gives you all the figures
  2. A presentation file that you can show off at the next management meet
  3. A PDF poster to stick on your desk and support Google
  4. Finally a unique made for you URL to share, in case if you just want to shoot a mail.

End result, Google made it. A small way to intrude within our four cubicle walls and kick us to help them out. Smart isn’t it?


To sum up what Google teaches us with this implementation.

Understand Thy Gatekeeper
Love Thy Gatekeeper and
Empower Thy Gatekeeper

If you can do that probably the next place you will be showcasing your products will be the boss’s cabin! Simple idea with awesome execution!

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Jaydip Parikh July 22, 2010 at 4:19 pm

Really nice piece of TIP. I think now I need to check all / major tips from this blog. I feel that I can learn something more out of it.

Chanda Himanshu July 26, 2010 at 7:36 pm

Thanks for the kind words Jaydip. Do drop by whenever you like, I occasionally dive into such weird thinking that throws up insights 😉

King Sidharth July 22, 2010 at 7:37 pm


“Understand Thy Gatekeeper
Love Thy Gatekeeper and
Empower Thy Gatekeeper”

Just love it!

Many get it wrong, they think money is in fooling people. But it is really into empowering and educating the. Given that we can see our customer’s questions as gatekeepers.

Chanda Himanshu July 24, 2010 at 6:58 pm

Hey Sidharth, agree to you completely. Its all about educating and empowering. Sales if finally just a by product. Thanks for highlighting that…

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