How to hire great talent just for 1 buck!

hire-best-talentI have got an idea. It’s a sticky one. I am confident that it will work (and even throws many hidden benefits). Most of what the idea solves is already clear from the post title. We are trying to gauge a way to get good talent by shelling out 1 buck. That’s it. Is that possible? You bet.

Recession is no more, and that is a BIG issue!

Yes, recession is gone. Industries are reviving. The markets are positive. Everything seems to be going so well, but is it really?

There is a very fundamental issue with the post recession era. During recession we fired our employees. Jobs in the market were scanty too. People were hopeless. Yes, We were always employee centric but recession spared no one.

Things have changed now and the money is flowing in. So what’s the issue? Getting new talent now again means poaching. When it’s difficult to retain your existing talent, how can you afford additional brains? The answer – 1 buck.

How to get good talent, the idea explained.

Though the idea that I want to showcase here is completely a by product of my weird imagination. It would be wrong if I don’t highlight the seeds of it. Some time back I read this article where Zappos had to shell out 1.6 million dollars because one of their sites wrongly quoted all items for 49 dollars. They could have apologized for this mistake but they rather admitted it by honoring all the sales. This was taken with great stride by the media as Zappos always wanted to be a customer centric startup and this incident proved what they can do for their customers.

internal-customer-external-customerWhile all this was great, I again started thinking about the internal customer. The employee. Can a company love its employees to this extent? As teams we are said we are families. But do we actually behave like families? (Okay I know we live in a professional world. But I guess values are more important to me than the myth of professionalism!)

Out popped the idea of getting good talent to teams. How? Simple. There have been enough employees who chose better career opportunities (simply speaking – higher than what you pay) to leave the services of your company. Now if they really were a family would you leave them? At least you would be in touch with them, wont you?

The idea is to call your employees who have left, employees who you interviewed but didn’t join, etc. Call them and just say a “hi!” Network with them. Chances are many of them are now not happy with the quality of job profile that they have. They are ready to switch back to you, if not higher, at least at the same pay that they are getting now.

If they show any interest, Voila! You are at the better side of the negotiation table. Ready with your ‘batna’. In other cases if they are not interested, they will be ready to provide you more leads. Finally if nothing works out, heck! All you lost was a phone call and you still gained the repute to be family with ex-employees.

Why this idea is effective

This idea works on a very simple logic. Practice what you preach. If employees are part of your family how can they be strangers once they leave the job. And its not just about getting talent.

  1. They can provide you with leads.
  2. Help you increase sales.
  3. Provide a helping hand.
  4. And build an ecosystem.

Most important I have never seen any such idea been implemented. You can come with your own variant of the same, but end of the day you need to just invest a buck and make that call.

How does it feel when an old buddy calls up.Ever yourself felt that you really slogged for the company and no body cared once you left the job. If it pinches you, it definitely pinches others too. Think about it.

Opportunity is waiting, just give a call!

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King Sidharth July 26, 2010 at 7:20 pm

Wow! never thought about it this way. So many thought provoking questions and insights.
It’d be so effective to create a real family then everyone will see the same goal – mission accomplished. Guess I got the answer for my Broken Department Post [Feel free to remove the link.

Cheers man! Keep em coming.

Chanda Himanshu July 26, 2010 at 7:38 pm

You are bang right with the broken department post. At the end of the day if you are a family, you ought to behave like one. A family fights for its members and not throws it on other (departments). Just a change in perspective and we end up with many good ideas…

Suraj Kumar August 13, 2010 at 6:57 pm

Nice dude!!!
liked ur article…great do spend some time on it..

Chanda Himanshu August 13, 2010 at 7:03 pm

Thanks dear…. Now that things have sorted out. More content coming your way from this week 😉
Appreciate your comment.

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