How Twitter is better than Google for Businesses

twitterforbusinessorgoogleGoogle has been around for more than a decade now. With its super powerful search engine it has literally dominated the online search world and updated its algorithm day in day out, to remain ahead of the race. But there is a strong reason why I make such a bold statement here. Follow on.

What is Google?  A powerful search engine that provides you the best possible results for any search query. People love Google. Google is the leader. Blah, Blah,Blah. Period. When compared to Google Twitter is at times just a new fad to talk about. Or is it?

Most of the antagonist will say that Twitter doesn’t make any sense. You are either self promoting or writing stuff no ones actually bothered to know until and unless you are a Britney Spears. Quite true but still it makes sense, and a lot of sense so to say. Rather than putting up a idiotic definition, lets take a strong example.

You log in to Twitter and find people talking about what are they doing? That’s the only stuff that you let your followers know. Its 8 am morning and some are yawning in their tweets, some trying to open up their plans on twitter and some are talking to others how pathetic their breakfast is! For a normal guy it makes no sense to read all this stuff, to read what people are having for breakfast; but for someone who is into making breakfast products that’s a gold mine. The business personnel (here the breakfast company) tweets back to the customer a page that highlights what should he have during mornings for a refreshing start. There are many tips which the reader will enjoy on the breakfast page. Oats are also a part of the meal. recommended. The same company has a “Oats special” version of flakes on  which a discount coupon or a ‘free sample of this flakes to be home delivered’ – kind of offer is available on the page. What are the chances of the person giving it a try? How many of say 1000 people whom the company offers this deal will be interested? I wrote about such communication on twitter some time back.

May be you still don’t believe that leads can be generated this way. What about tweets like “The Boss wants the presentation in 1 hr!! Appraisals are near. God SOS !” Can a custom design company specializing into slick Power point presentation design, pitch in? Try to know how can such a firm get leads otherwise. If you don’t see many opportunities than Twitter is something worth trying!

Finally how does this all be better than Google. Well following is the detailed comparison.

  1. Where does the data come from –

    1. Google ranks pages as per the algorithm. They are not the best services available on the planet, but they are the best brains who managed to create buzz and end up on Google’s first page.
    2. Twitter users communicate – They talk about which service is good and which one is bad. They took pain in tweeting those 140 characters because it mattered to them. You get immediate feedback. Which is not only instant, but also the most current one.
  2. You cant talk to a webpage

    1. Google is a webpage search engine (mostly). And if you end up having some doubts about the information that you get via the webpage (which was the first in the Google search) whom do you get back to? Is there any way you can get all your doubts resolved?
    2. Twitter on the other hand will list a number of tweets in the search. The most recent ones will highlight what kind of communication is going on about the product, service or the whole genre. Fianlly end of the day you can ask the users as they are people tweeting there and not webpages.
  3. Who is on demand – Try Searching for a phrase with 2 words, like –  “Traffic” and name of the city you belong to, on Google and on Twitter. Read the first 10 results. What will help you more? Try similar combination of various brands, genres etc. Yes at times Twitter results would be almost crappy, but you still have tons of tweets to analyze and basis the users tweet karma you can make out how sensible or credible his advice would be for you.
  4. Who’s dynamic – For most of the results fired in short intervals Google will result the same output for a given search, Twitter would be dynamic. Try searching the same phrase the whole day, Twitter results keep on changing. Yeah, At times Google’s result would be more authentic as it prefers credible sources who are back linked or sources like wikipedia which generally gets one of the top three slots, but you will have to still rely on Twitter to get whats the recent take on the issue or topic you are researching on.
  5. Finally human brain is the best algorithm available– This is the last point that I would place forth. Google search engine although being he de facto, is at end of the day a piece of software. An algorithm that works a particular way. SEO Companies have gradually mastered to boost search rankings at least to a pretty decent extent by fooling the software. Twitter is about human interactions. They are impulsive and change at the speed of thought, this is a God made algorithm at the end of the day. Isn’t it?

So here are we, done with the advantages of Twitter over Google. Some might be still skeptical but end of the day they too will head to twitter to find out what’s going on. And even if they dont! Google already has tie ups with Twitter now. Google will start posting tweets to them on its homepage !

“Understand that you need to sell you and your ideas in order to advance your career, gain more respect, and increase your success, influence and income.” – Jay Abraham

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jan geronimo February 12, 2010 at 4:12 pm

Twitter offers lots of advantages to business. It seems more nimble in promoting your brand and being more attuned to customer feedback. Keeping a presence in Twitter is a great way of being more attuned to your customers needs and complaints even, giving you the opportunity to fine-tune your strengths and address your weak points.

But aren’t you a tad too enthusiastic about this? Even local businesses can figure well in Google search. It seems to me it’s more sensible to have both bases covered instead of preferring one over the other.

Chanda Himanshu February 12, 2010 at 7:03 pm

Hey Jan,

Rather than defending myself, I would prefer agreeing to you that yes Google with its local search (and couple of other forms) is a great resource. The intention behind writing this post was to emphasize how businesses can use Twitter well, which is as yet a mystery.

Having said that my referring my points who’s dynamic, and the algorithm – these are the areas where Google will stay behind since the base of both the apps is different. Was making a point that Twitter is more than just a fad :)

Finally bloggers shouldn’t be diplomatic. Will post How to gain more from Google pretty soon 😉

Thanks for the comment


jan geronimo February 13, 2010 at 2:04 am

Okay, I see your point more clearly now. A lot of business still regard Twitter with skepticism and in that sense are likely to shortchange themselves, especially when their competitors are using Twitter well. It’s good your wrote about this as a counterpoint to that resistance to using Twitter as a marketing tool.

Rahul Ramchandani February 16, 2010 at 2:26 pm

Twitter is better for business but only upto a certain extent its google which has the network,the user base…If u are a small marketeer twitter will help you a lot but Google has the numbers and ads displayed by google help businesses earn millions & billions of dollars…
Most of the tweets as you will analyze them are very subjective and sometimes downright crappy..
So at the end of the day if a google (organic result not the ads) show in the top you are most likely to buy that…Coz it has credibility..
Twitter will help you only to confirm this decision..
I will end with..
If you are in the top google resupts you will be talked about..!!

Chanda Himanshu February 18, 2010 at 4:04 pm

Hey Rahul,

Nice analysis. Before giving any reply I should commend on the way you have started analyzing post the Business meetups we attend 😉

And regarding your analysis. I do agree that Twitter only helps only to a certain extent, but isnt that the case with Google. Rather any tool will help you to a certain extent only as a startup you need to take that to the next level. I concur to your comments to an extent, but completely agree to the statement that tweets can be subjective and it should not be taken as the only input. I believe thats a great advice.

Apart from that do we buy stuff that comes on Googles first result, No. Do we buy stuff that creates a buzz on Twitter No. We do analyze everything, these things (Google,Twitter) are just a helping hand to reach decisions.


Rahul Ramchandani February 19, 2010 at 3:14 pm

Thanks very much..
Now I am beginning to understand what you say..
Google & twitter both are tools & in the end it depends on how you effectively leverage(see i am beginning to use “business words”) them..

Ashwani Sharma March 22, 2010 at 2:41 pm

Hi himanshu,
I shd appreciate the way u have put in a crisp comparison between a so-thought Established (Google)& an Emerging (Twitter) player in World market. In my view, in order to take the service to its subscribers to the next level, Twitter should also follow Google in establishing credibility of its content. [I] Said this because as the awareness of this tool will grow in the coming times, there will be more & more marketers coming to take advantage of this service in reaching the indefinite pool of customers. With an allowed limit of meagre 140 chars, Ultimately, I’m seeing this tweet service to getting restricted to web-urls being tweeted more & more in order to lure the promising customers. In such kind of a scenario, credibility will be the foremost strength for Twitter to retain/increase its base.

meddy March 30, 2010 at 10:38 am

Was really useful stuff…
lookin fwd 4 so more ..
if any1 want 2 share his biz content/other material .. whr n hw can they do tht ?

Bench Saw January 28, 2011 at 3:26 am

-;. I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives great information ;”-

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