Importance of Business Card in the age of social media

Importance of a Business CardBusiness Cards have been around for ages. A quick Wikipedia search says the first ones were used in China in 15th Century. Business cards (or visiting cards or calling cards, whatever suits your fancy) has been the most common commodity to expect from any professional irrespective of the industry. Right from providing your title or boasting your credentials to a handy tool for attracting leads; a visiting card serves many purposes.

But does a visiting card hold its importance in the age of Google and Social Media? Will you dig up the old card holder, or prefer connecting someone via linked in or follow him on twitter? This question sparked from the recent post by Alok Kejriwal here at Rodinhood. The post questions whether the importance of a business card has deprecated with the advent of Social media.

While most of the so called Social Media Gurus will prefer saying online world is enough to replace a pithy visiting card; I still have my reservations and believe in the importance of a business card hence this post. Couple of reasons that bounce in my head regarding the business card:

Serves as a recall tool

How can someone expect me to remember everything about the conversation I have with him in a networking event? If you are enterprising (obviously, that’s why you are here) you do attend gatherings in your niche or industry. At any such occasion you should network with like minded people; At least ten to start with. Now do you think without a business card it will be easier to recall everyone you met at the event?

Promotes your Brand the right way

A business card is an additional opportunity to promote your brand. Relying on the lead to recall your exact name and search Google, follow you on twitter and explore you just reduces the chances he will ever connect with you. Finally, do you think whatever Google throws in the search or whatever you would be tweeting at a particular moment (when the person checkout your e-avatar) will be fit for everyone always?

Serves for reasons you never knew

A visiting card today is not just an x by x inches plastic card which says Meet me I am the CEO bi**h! It can serve more purposes than you can think. While this can be a separate post in itself but for starters I would like to highlight that – right from engaging the customer to your blog/social media, popping out some unique deal on your product to serving as an advertising pamphlet. A visiting card can do more good than what we can imagine.

Ice Breaker

First things first a visiting card can be a good topic to start a conversation with. It can really act as an ice-breaker. Let us assume, I and Alok meet at an event in Mumbai. He won’t expect me to just approach and say hey this is my business blog, visit and subscribe okay? But while asking for or giving a business card I can definitely say Hey! You have a great community of Rodinhoods. Cool, you know both of us blog on quite similar topics. Like the one you… Tada and the conversation begins!

The Business card is NOT just for you!

I have seen many people who will try to help you by providing the right leads to your issue. You approach me asking for a logo designer who can deliver an elegant logo at a reasonable cost. What will I do, say meet Mr X, his address is blah blah and you can check out blah blah… or just hand over his business card (if I have handy). Think about it, the percentage might be small but quite a few times your business card serves not to the person you give it to but to her contacts. That’s multi-level impact!

Hope I was able to clear my stand on the importance of business cards. Open to your views on the same.

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Zero Passive Income April 26, 2011 at 6:34 pm

This is a really great tip. I never really thought about getting a business card for any of my passive income/internet income projects. But it does make a lot of sense to do!

Himanshu Chanda April 26, 2011 at 7:51 pm

Yes it definitely makes sense! I have seen couple of webpreneurs tossing very unique and innovative cards. That extends their brand further. Probably you dont need a card for every small niche site, but you need a card for your main business n yourself…. Planning a post on innovative uses so checkout again!

empresas de consultoria May 4, 2011 at 2:33 pm

Great tips, if everyone know that networking would be huge.

Pradeep October 9, 2011 at 7:22 am

Nice post. Business cards cannot be replaced. All of us have a mobile phone, but have we stopped wearing Watches?? no. Most of us still wear watch. Handing over your business card to some one you meet not only shows the sincerity, but also gives you an opportunity to get referred.

Khizar February 5, 2013 at 10:10 am

Points to be noted… I still think that business cards are essential but in a more creative way…

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