Introducing Quarter Results at BizDharma

Quater Results at BizDharma.comAs we all know BizDharma is a blog to all those smart readers who Follow Business like a religion. So when we are so much Business fanatics, a new thought that stroke my mind was – why not have quarter results for BizDharma too? Sounds unique. A blog posting quarter results! And at times too much “before time” or risky. You ask “Will the momentum go on?” Risk taking and trying new stuff is an important part of everyday business, so why not for a Business blog? So here we go with what how was the last quarter.

BizDharma preparations were on with full zeal from the beginning of last quarter. Finally without much delay BizDharma was launched the 1st of June 2009. (So this post in more of a monthly round-up but it will discipline future Quarterly results) I had great fun posting articles and receiving good feedback from people.

In all there were 12 posts made in the month of June, among which based on the feedback and other criterion I believe Following were the top posts last quarter

  1. 7 lessons that even ‘a one year old baby’ can teach you about product development.
  2. Three powerful lessons that a 725 year old fable can teach you about Negotiation!
  3. The top 7 myths about Kick ass negotiation.
  4. The Number One Employee Productivity Killer.
  5. The single most important trait a professional should have!

We even had a different kind of post which was titled “Impressing your girlfriend is a good business strategy”. These were the posts that we started with and I did receive feedback from all of you which was quite motivating. Some via social media, and others directly via the contact page.

Apart from the above I even got a chance to visit

  1. The entrepreneur forum hosted by which I talked about here.
  2. Also got a nice opportunity to interact with fellow Indian bloggers at the Pune Blog Camp.

Following is a look at the analytics and viewership. (Though my server logs and stats are much higher than these I prefer quoting Google Analytics as it’s generally accepted)

  1. Google Analytics says BizDharma had more than 425+ unique visitors, and had almost 1200 page views in the month of June.
  2. People from across the globe are reading this blog mainly from India, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, France, Spain, Belgium and Australia being the top 10 from Google.
  3. Traffic sources are Direct (Word of mouth), Google, Linked In (I participated in many forums there), Digg, and Twitter being the top 5.

There are a lot many plans to achieve this quarter, some of them being..

  1. Increase the reader base. Quite Obvious!
  2. Increase the posts/month count.
  3. Maintain Quality at the same time.
  4. Have some free stuff apart from the blogposts up there.
  5. Participate more in social media.
  6. Some not to be revealed ideas, so that I can surprise you.
  7. Go viral. I know that’s not completely in my hand but still I’ll do my part.

Thanks all of you who are with me returning here time and again to check posts, Thanks to those who have opted for the email option to get posts directly in your mail boxes. Feel free to connect via any social platform, the links are available at the footer. Personally cant predict what will be the results next quarter or will they even be, but from myside would try my level best to keep you edutained in Business.

Here’s to your Business and Professional Success.

Chanda Himanshu

We recommend you to be in touch always. Please use the RSS feed option or the Email subscription form on the home page. You can also receive updates on your mobile. SMS  – ‘ON BIZDHARMA’ and send it to 09870807070

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Abhinav Sonkar July 29, 2009 at 5:04 pm

Congrats Himanshu! That’s very good for a start. Keep it up!

Chanda Himanshu July 29, 2009 at 8:44 pm

Thanks Abhinav. As they say a great journey starts with a single step. This was my first step.

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