It was recession, but I was still breathing.

recesionSo finally every ones seems to agree that Recession is waning. Newspapers, websites all flooded with news that the good old days will be here again. Tons of theories and ideas popped up pre, during and post recession. Tons still will. But I have a quite simple thing to communicate. That though it was recession, I was still breathing!

Stupid it might seem but recession has changed us to a way that we believe in every stupid urban story that we read or listen to. Companies started cutting corner and media kept exaggerating as if the sky was falling and that it was the end of planet and nothing will revive. All during this it was obvious that our attitudes and characters got tested. And so does the attitudes of many of the organizations that were shining pre-recession.

Like every other guy down the lane, even companies started cutting corners. The gurus were tired screaming – increase your marketing spends, be aggressive in your push. But companies are nothing more than the people who run them. Corners were cut. Marketers and Sales personnel were kicked. The biggest fiasco was that it was a ‘deemed’ recession.

The law of business that my guru taught me was that “Money attracts Money”. I read a small fable (Ya, I am fond of fables) where cap seller’s goods get picked by a bunch of monkeys and after many attempts in vain, he realizes to get the caps back the only way was to throw his cap in the basket. He did that and the monkeys imitated.

Recession was/is a similar situation. Its not that we cut all the expenses, it’s just that we started looking for the value addition that it gave. We started looking for leaner solutions. And that I believe was good.

A recent article in the Economic Times highlights that the organizations that threw more caps and invested more on marketing during the tough times are the one who have managed to reap more profits. This article doesn’t talk about one or two companies but a bunch of them across various sectors.

So we come back to the same point, Yes it was recession. We cut down on our spends. But did we stop spending? When you know a customer who can spend, but is confused whether to go ahead with the purchase because he has been bewildered by those heavy headlines, what will you do? Let him decide on his own and think it was your bad luck if he didn’t buy. Or you go ahead pitching more?

True the above doesn’t very much apply to those cozy luxury goods. But did only luxury companies made the mistake of holding back with marketing? Remember we reduced consumption, but we were still consuming. In certain categories the demand didn’t decrease but the vendors changed, just because they thought it was recession. They thought the world has changed. They thought that we the customers have stopped using even the basic products. Have we? We still consume. We still Breath, it’s just that we want more value, more pitching. We want somebody to impress us, while we breathe…

A funny quote to end up with is

“It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours.” — Harry S. Truman

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