Little things really matter much. Google acquires recaptcha and the logic behind it.

recaptcha acquired by googleIt seems this blog is getting really popular, even with management at Google ๐Ÿ˜‰ Last month we had an article on a simple tool called recaptcha. I elaborated its features and achievements to justify why I believe it’s one of the best innovations that I have seen till date.

Now exactly after one month of posting the above mentioned article, the news has come (Please roll the drums) Google acquires Recaptcha. With the whole lot of digitization that Google has been trying to achieve, recaptcha seems to be a very obvious choice. But this news is different than other acquisitions done by Google; because recaptcha is not more of a startup or company but it’s more of a product. It was started at CMU as a project to help digitize newspapers and old literature. And all we can say is all’s well that ends well; soon those colored and tilted captchas from Google will go off and you will see recaptcha out there too (But this might not be the case, why so? Keep reading and I will tell you why).

The technical and financial details of the deal are not very clear as the same has not been published by any of the entities. What is clear is that, Google will be utilizing this product in tandem with its other OCR expertise to get more horse power for its products like Google Books and its news archive.

At the outset this deal it does seems to be any other buyout that a mammoth sized company does, doesn’t it? But there’s way lot of difference. What I would like to point out here are the acquisitions of You Tube and Blogger. Similar to these is the recaptcha. The product that is talked about the most in these acquisitions (Video sharing, Blog publishing platform, captchas generation) is no rocket science for Google. It’s so simple for Google to develop these products themselves. So as we know, it’s not the technology that is important. Than what is been bought? The Answer simply is – It’s the people using it. Recaptcha is already served 30 million times a day. Why then to make a product, deploy resources, market it like hell and try to push it saying its all part of the ecosystem. Chances even are that later you get the criticism that it’s a replica of an already existing product. And what are the chances that it will surpass usage of an already existing product? Rather why not buy a fully tested functional product with a massive user base? Buy rather than building it.

Google seems to be very apt in this form of decision making. It knows that more than cool technology, it would need a good market and stronger brand loyalty. It’s not just a technology company finally! It’s not just about the product, it’s about the user and his experience and Google is buying that. Google already had Google Videos but still it went ahead with the million dollar YouTube acquisition. More than technology its about the usage and people that is now important.

Seems so simple post this acquisition but how many of us thought about it before it actually hit headlines. (That differentiates the others from us, so start burning your brain cells right away). Google is taking little steps. Little Steps by which Google will leap ahead. It has understood that its the little things that really matter much. Can you name one small buyout that your company can do and which can result into great fuel to the company’s growth? Think about it !

Finally before signing off, rather than a quote heres a trivia question for you.

Who was nominated the “Person ofย  the year” by Time magazine in 2006? (The answer is here)

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Mr. I September 30, 2009 at 6:43 am

Well, it’s the Google style!

There’s one thing I expect is that this deal will remove those colorful(and in 50% cases, unreadable) pathetic excuses for captchas.

Now Google has a browser(and an OS based on it in pipeline), a blogging platform(free but inferior to WordPress!), YouTube and what not! They are trying to rock the internet!

What will be next move? Buying Twitter?

Pascal October 5, 2009 at 2:15 pm

You often heare that time is money and also time could not get back.

But Google goes back and buys the time.

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