LOL Cats, Govind Tiwari and How Marketing on the Internet is a different ballgame

LOL Cat Internet Marketing

I ROCKZ da Internt Mark eatin !

Internet is helluva revolution. It has literally changed everything we do. Whether it is about killing time or doing business; we do everything online. However businesses have been laggards in understanding how marketing on the internet works.

We all know LOL Cats and their icanhascheezburger network. Everytime I show this website to a newbie, she simply says, “Well thats funny, but what is the whole intent.. purpose..? Does any one visit here?”. Surprisingly a simple quantcast search shows there are more than 2.7 million visitors to this site. And I am sure you will agree that people spend more than 15 seconds on such sites.

A rustic lad from interiors of India, Govind Tiwari has the power to create and publish content the way he likes. This just catches sharing-frenzy on social media and Boom! A self-obsessed weird looking 1980s site gets a million users to hog the network. Some figures suggest he could have made 1.5 million Rupees on the single day he was trending on twitter!

But why am I showing all this to you. The reason is – The way Internet, netizens and content works on the internet is drastically different than how it used to work without internet. Not understanding and accepting this can be a major loss to your business. Lets understand

Why online marketing doesnt work like old school business marketing

Contemporary businesses always believed in disturbing. Shouting hawkers, Huge hoardings on roads, Advertisements on TV. They wanted to grab your attention, whether you like it or not. Companies shell millions to get their ads played during prime time.

Same repeated when these businesses came online. Even today you have a 720X80 pixel wide ‘ad’  on Yahoo’s homepage. This ad will quickly and un-wantedly expand and cover all the stuff that you want to see (in a hope that you will notice, engage and buy!) Do you think as a consumer we want things to work this way.

Internet is Word of Mouth on steroids

We consume information on internet. Thanks to the gargatuan social media success, we start sharing with others what is share worthy. Things ‘trend’ and more people notice. You dont need to visit some one to convince about a business, nor you need to shed advertising dollars. A witty tweet or a timely Status update can simply do the job. Internet marketing (which includes social media marketing) has completely changed how word of mouth worked. And if you are a marketer you know that no technology beats word of mouth.

So do we need to be LOL Cats and Govind Tiwari?

Probably not. But we need to understand what such incidents conclude. There is a huge crowd who will vouch for your business via tweets, shares and plus ones, but you need to have share worthy content. If your content / Ad or any type of creation is worth going Viral people will share it. Sharing cool things make them cool! and gives you a head start without a dime.

Marketers today first need to unlearn what they have been practicing and understand how the eWorld really works. The idea is not to proclaim that those shelling a million online are fools. The idea is to understand how to get the maximum bang for your buck.

I wont be lame enough to call Govind Tiwari, or LOL Cat a marketing guru but I do have my lessons to take. Write a few successful sites/blogs/people/brands online that you know of and just think why are they successful. How can you take cues from them. I am sure you will immediately find some actionables to pull from. And while you do all that, dont forget to Share this article (No I dont intend to beat Govind Tiwari but sharing a small business insight will make you cool too!)

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Arun Kumar July 27, 2011 at 8:08 am

These websites are creative and they are so gaudy that it gets people attention to the state of Huh? or WFT, but after which there is no next call for action that is where it fails in marketing.

Just having heavy traffic to these sites is of no use. I doubt if Govind has made any money, I have dropped mail to govind lets see if the reply comes or it has gone in abyss

Himanshu Chanda July 28, 2011 at 6:53 am

Hey Arun

I agree to your views but partially. Govind’s moment of fame lasted hardly for 48 hours or a bit more based on the media coverage he got post trending on twitter. However LOLCats is a full blown content publishing business. From 1 site they now have a network of around 10! Who knows they start making custome tees or other shwag Or even an animation flick! Govind too can take the engagement to the next level but it all depends how you manage the user engagement.

The idea here is not to claim that LOLCats or Govind Tiwaris is the only way to do business but the idea is to highlight a few things even noobs like Govind occasionally teach us… Thanks for takin time to comment. I appreciate your effort.

Arun Kumar July 28, 2011 at 7:48 pm

Finally, something which I was not expecting a reply from Govind.

Arun to Govind Tiwari
Hi Govind,
Did you made money after creating your website, I am blogger and teacher and looking for fact and figures.
Warm Regards
Arun Kumar

Govind Tiwari to Arun
I am thankful to all persons who have given me support and appriciation for my activity at Internet, who make me famous in the Computer world. but my Blog was only experiment for me. Now My Blog will be update for you with in few weeks. So once again lot of thanks.

Melvin July 31, 2011 at 3:24 pm

I totally get your point but I think the ‘word of mouth’ thing still varies depending on the industry/niche that you’re into.For the internet marketing or blogging crowd, word of mouth does work but very few people can actually form it successfully while on some other niches, it doesn’t seem to depending on various factors (i.e.audience not techy enough or not much social space for the niche and etc.)

What do you think?

Himanshu Chanda July 31, 2011 at 8:46 pm

Hey Melvin, I agree that certain niches are very active when it comes to Word of Mouth like Blogs / Social media and I even agree that having tech savvy people help share your stuff more occasionally However I take it this way. If your customers/readers/subscribers are checking you online, earn you sales, than the word of mouth of your niche is active too. If word of mouth is not active, even buyers are not checking much online.

However I would even highlight that whether WOM works in a niche or not it still doesnt much help to go ahead with old school marketing techniques. Hope I have your vote on that.

Thanks for taking time to comment.

Ram Mishra September 1, 2011 at 7:16 pm

Govind Tiwari is Latest Celebrity.
I have got some newspaper so I want to share with you.
Govind Tiwari will be in big boss according to is here





Arun Kumar September 5, 2011 at 4:20 pm

Govind Tiwari is new member on Linkedln, Add him as your friend 😉 he is already an emerging celebrity

DK November 21, 2011 at 1:08 pm

I don’t know who is writer of above article but it was awesome. Things are as it is as above discussed and I am also in the same field but people are like get swamped ; they can’t change and such common trend is also expected from beginners . Similar things I discussed in a GD and unfortunately I was not able to crack and a girl who express her nostalgic feelings and told about the post of friends and their updates while topic was Social sites like FB, twitter as marketing tool , was put in next round.

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