You are more capable than you think you are

Think Capable

Reflecting upon what can you achieve?

Though we all want to be successful in every endeavour we try to accomplish; we know we might fail. We might fail to achieve our targets and goals that we have set at various points in our life. There can be many reasons for this failure. The worst though would be our inner voice that you cant do it! Because that is something which can take a lifetime to work upon.

Since we have crossed the 1st week of the new year (incase if you were in touch you know how to accomplish exceptional results this year) I believe the first step to rock with your career, venture or any form of resolution would be first to re-check this very voice that you daily talk to.

While there are many ways to motivate you, I would take a different approach. Last night, all of a sudden a thought struck me which made me rethink about how capable I really am? I believe sharing the same would help you rethink and reevaluate your current strengths too.

The question that will make you rethink

We all have resolutions. Right from simpler ones like losing weight to really complex ones like making a dent in the universe. One of the often repeated wish is to someday travel across the whole world. Meet people and enjoy something not many can’t even think during their lifetime. So the question is can you travel the whole world on your own? Lets make is ridiculously challenging.

Can you travel across the whole globe on your own feet?

With no vehicle, just on your feet. Thats a weird thought. When I asked a few friends the immediate answer was a surprising “NO! How can one even think about it. This is not possible in a whole life time!

I persisted to collect some data rather than making assumptions. Yes we can safely assume we can walk only x kms a day and yes Earth is a huge planet. Still. Why not calculate rather than assume

Earth MapEarth’s Circumference is 40,075 km as per WolframAlpha. I cross checked this on multiple sites so you can assume it to be right. Next is to answer how much an ordinary – normal – mere mortal is ready to walk.

Lets not exaggerate on that. I believe 10 Kms a day should be good considering the level of the mission we will be on. People run marathons. I just assume you would be able to walk half of what a half marathoner does. So (40000/10) 4000 is the number of days we will take to walk.

4000/365 days = 10.95 approx 11 years. Add 50 leaves every year and you will still not take more than 12-13 years to complete your journey to travel barefoot – the whole world – and experience every part of it !

Remember we just walked 10 Kms a day so that more than half the day you can enjoy the places you visit. Is this scientifically right? Well we may argue about weather conditions, about peace conditions in these regions, about blah, blah and blah. But the question was not that.

The question was – Can I just get up and see this beautiful planet in my life?

The answer is – YES, It wont even take a quarter of your life doing that!

But we are mere mortals

BUT. And this is a huge but. A but helps us a lot. It conceals our lethargic atitutdes, it makes us risk averse, it helps us end something which has not begun. Thats ironic. “BUT” is a gift from satan.

Experiencing the whole world will make many feel that their life was worth living it BUT we wont attempt to even think about doing it.

Imagine the wonders you would see on your own. Imagine the different climates. Sun burns in Sahara to the Chilling icy winds of Antartic. The species you never thought survive. The aromas. The dialect. The food. The World.

That’s a million dollar experience

Yet a million Dollars cant buy this

Yes its not the million dollars that is required to experience all of this. Its the will to do it. Between you and your BIG dreams are not a million dollars. A million dollar is a stack of cash. Your idiotic mind feels this stack will never turn to reality and hence finds ‘a million dollar’ a good reason to not do things.

I could have done that only if I had a million dollars in savings. Remember?

You know how to break this wall? Kill the bloody BUT.

Ready to rock with your new capability

Ready to rock with your new capability

You are more capable than you think you are. All you need is to take the step in the right direction. 10 years of walking is daunting. Its insane. But believe me few a kilometers from now and the environment will change. Few kilometers down you will not feel tired.

You will be happy that you took those steps. Life would be a different experience a few kilometers from here. That will motivate you. It will help you keep going. It will help you keep your hope alive. Experience, rejoice and keep walking. You would be busy experiencing the world and not counting your steps.

Its just a few kilometers away…. To achieve what you want, you just need to walk these few kilometers… Thats it. You are more capable than you think you are… Stand up. Prove this to yourself. Just do it.

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Pradeep January 14, 2012 at 8:14 am

Huh..don’t know why but I want to go and give it a try sometime. Awesome post Himanshu. Highly Motivational.

Himanshu Chanda January 14, 2012 at 7:17 pm

Thanks for the comments Pradeep. Yeah its ironic how we prejudice some decision even before giving it a try. Thanks for sharing it with your network.

Pradeep January 16, 2012 at 5:02 am

A Post like this is really worth sharing:)

Arun Kumar Waghchoure January 26, 2012 at 4:46 am

All things starts first in mind, the constant struggle on making decision is through gut, belief and logic, logic being last.
11 years to walk just to see the earth, we are not robot that with the flip of switch we walk for 11 years. We are humans and only humans decide. The word decide means to “kill” other options (from audio book of Anthony Robbins). which If I go with 11 years walk, I loose out on all the other beautiful possible options that I can have in my life.

Further more, It is still a blue sky thinking. You have to be Buddha to drop off all the things that you do currently; leave your family, friends, Job be free of all the attachments and belongings to carry out the endeavor of just walking. Even if you start walking with every step you have to constantly enroll yourself/be answerable to your mind to the question “why am I doing this?”

But finally I agree with you Himanshu is it possible and are we capable – YES WE ARE.

Amit January 26, 2012 at 10:37 am

Thanks himanshu ..This is really great nice post

Sonabh April 7, 2012 at 2:44 pm

Great Food for Thought!


Himanshu Chanda April 7, 2012 at 6:49 pm

Thanks Sonabh for the motivating comment. Feel free to share with your friends :)

kelly May 5, 2012 at 1:21 pm

This was really inspirational. A perfect shot in the arm! I needed a boost of energy to bring back the fire in my life. Thanks for this lovely piece.

Himanshu Chanda May 5, 2012 at 8:19 pm

Super Thanks Kelly for the lovely comment. It makes every little attempt at writing such articles worth it :)

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