Most innovative and creative use of Business Cards

Innovative use of your Business Card

Innovative use of your Business Card

Last time we discussed about the Importance of a business card in the age of social media. Today (as suggested in the previous post) lets take that discussion a bit forward. With the number of attention seekers in your market multiplying everyday; there are very few chances that your customer will recall your brand when she is ready to buy. Why miss this moment? Though we can do many things to combat this problem of brand recall and branding in general; this post simply highlights some very creative/innovative and common sense ways even a Business card can leave an impact on the customer’s mind.

A business card is more like a prop that you use in your daily business why not utilize it to make more than what we invest in it. Heres a simple list and some examples on creative ways people can/are using their business cards.

Business card as a Discount/Deal Coupon, or Scratch card

I would definitely like to talk this first. The most important thing to your bottom line. After a nice and crisp Elevator pitch all you do is handover your business card. Why not make it a Call to action button. Ask them to visit your shop someday and smile while giving your business card saying “I have some free goodies packed for you dear!”

Business Card as coupon

QR Code printed cards

Business card have been their for ages but you cant actually count the ROI on this. Why not just print a QR Code on the business card and ask the lead to check out whats in it for him, next time when he goes online. If he really is a good lead and your pitch was smart enough, the customer will checkout. This not just results into more engagement but you simply can have a tracker online (Google Analytics is what the geeks call it) to check how many people are actually thinking about you once you leave

Business Card with a QR Code

Business Card with a QR Code

Ticket to events, seminars and appointments

This is another good use. Why print more tickets, flyers or passes to your next seminar. Go to a nearby trade fair and ask the visitors to attend your free seminar on <insert your area of expertise here>. They can use that visiting card as a ticket for entrance. They can even get a free 1 hour consulting appointment if they come back with the card. By this you understand that the lead is hot and there is a desire to purchase your product if they return back for the consulting.

Visiting card as ticket or passes

Visiting card as ticket or passes

Present thy brand

While we are talking so much about hard core selling here (I hope you are loving it) lets not forget a business card is a piece of you which the customer takes back home. Why not use it to strenghthen your brand further? Branding just doesn’t mean the same logo, address etc which goes on your letter head. Why not use more powerful tricks to push your brand. Here’s some examples.

Business Card for Personal Branding

Business Card for Personal Branding

Show your skills and testimonials via business card

For professionals a Business Card can be a very handy medium to show your skills to the customer. An Awesome Testimonial on the back of your visiting card can push the sale forward. The customer’s unconscious mind knows that there are other people trying you and they are happy. Why not give it a shot? That’s exciting. Apart from that a few other examples can be snippets of your work (when you are in a business like Art, photography etc).

Business Card as camera

Business Card for brand recall and to showcase skills

And a few more cool and innovative things

Okay I know you are buzzing with ideas by now. Let me just throw a few more good use cases for your business card…

  • Raise awareness for your cause – Whether business or Social, every cause is worth a push.
  • Motivate your employees – Pictures of happy employees drive more leads for recruitment.
  • Ad – A bit of PR – All cards mentioned here are from real people. They got free publicity! Try to get free for your business too
  • Survey your audience – A quick survey leaflet which they can tear and send back. They get a deal, you get data.

While we can think of many more innovative uses I just don’t want to spoon feed you all. Go ahead brain storm with your team, experiment with your business card and make it as livelier as you want your engagement to be. Think how can this 2×4 inch card help you drive more sales, engage better or at least make the conversation memorable to start with.

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Amit June 25, 2011 at 5:47 pm

Thanks for the great post ,Tweeted

Simon Duck July 23, 2011 at 12:00 pm

I especially like the ticket idea, or maybe offering discount codes on the back of your card if you run an online business. Could be a good way to get people visiting, and by using that code you can see where the people have come from, showing if it works or not.

Good tips,
Simon Duck

Himanshu Chanda July 23, 2011 at 12:28 pm

Yes I agree to you Simon. Though it will cost a bit more to make such custom cards its still worth it. We understand whats working and what not, kind of offline analytics.

A simple hack can be to just get some stickers printed and pasted behind your card.. Unique cheap and easy to do.

Thanks for adding your views. I appreciate your time.

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