Presenting the idiotic guide to success

Why is this idiot successful?

Why is this idiot successful?

By any means there is no dearth of successful people on this planet. We know a million people who we believe are successful. The people I know might not be the ones you are aware of. Probably I know a few who have crushed in the IT industry and you know a few who are honchos in real estate.

Whatever domains we belong to, we all know a few buddies who are successful and we believe from the bottom of our hearts that they are sheer idiots!

Idiots are successful

We all know that corner cabin from where the decisions get finalized. The store, down the road selling products like hot cakes. An idiot runs it. Hey we even know, that guy who is making a lifestyle online and just read what he writes, have your seen his video? What an idiot! Isn’t he?

I too get a similar feeling for couple of guys I know (will proof read this post incase if I drop their names accidentally :) ) There are 2 things common in these people we all know. They are successful and they are idiots (as per us). How the heck is this possible.

Digging the deeper reason

The idea of the post sparked in a recent get together. I found that though the spirit of the meeting was quite fun, I noticed we occasionally cracked jokes on just one person (who obviously was not present there). Though we all loved to hate him, he was successful at his level. Now don’t get me wrong. The guy in discussion here is a BIG schmuck, knows absolutely nothing hardly 50% of his domain of expertise and will keep nagging every other person he meets. I believe the kind of torture he is, is difficult to elaborate in one single post.

On my way back, I started reasoning this logic of idiots being successful. I guess there are certain qualities that these idiots poses and we, the so called ‘normals’, need to take a note of it.

So here’s the Idiotic guide to success

  1. Idiots know so less – We love to say that he knows literally nothing about the subject. That is an extremist view. Idiots know enough to survive. You can bet that you know more than the idiot does, but my friend success has absolutely nothing to do with ‘Knowing’, it has much to do with ‘Doing’ what you know. Idiots know less; but whatever they know they implement. They experiment and they utilize it.
  2. Idiots are not up to date – Come on accept it, when was the last time you decided to complete a job in a stipulated number of hours and you actually did it? Have you used one strategy/act/exercise to a limit that you can guarantee you have left no stone unturned? In the realistic knowledge economy we all know less about more things. We can talk on any subject but aren’t a clear leader in any. Success is obviously in knowing more about fewer things and not vice versa.
  3. Idiots are so 1940s – We love to be cool. We try all the new stuff that’s out there in the market. We already have the latest DVD course on Pilates to reduce weight, Idiots are still practicing Yoga! There is an advantage here. Every single thing that works is based on some principal of success. These principals are not the outcome of some rocket science. They have been in the world from the time mankind evolved. We know Yoga can reduce weight, so why then the Pilates DVD? Probably Idiots are not 1940s it’s you who is trying to move so fast.
  4. Idiots are impractical – Oh come on these are the Social Media days. You need an app which will connect, collaborate, allow playing games, check in to locations, and on and on and on. Really? What about that tiny little site that doesn’t even allow a more than 140 character update? Last time when I read the VC vultures are still bullish on it. Be practical and realistic of your expectations. A social media campaign can help you be the next president of United Nations, however being in the position and receive the same respect requires adding value and not social media. Be practical about business, now will you!
  5. Idiots are *sigh* successful – They struggle like a horse on the race course. Or probably a ninja trained in the shaolin temple. No other thing to do except one. No other goal to achieve except one. Like a horse they have covered their eyes so that they don’t bother looking on either sides and notice the competition. All you can see is your goal. Straight and clear. Just run the way you have always been.  It seems so damn easy than. Heck we are all smart. It’s so sad we are not idiots.

Hope you got the point. I need to be an idiot too. It is different to amaze a gang of ten with your knowledge in a tea party and different to blow away a thousand in a gathering without even opening your mouth. Success speaks for itself. That’s the power of being idiot!

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ShriHari: February 28, 2011 at 4:45 pm

Not convinced at all. First who is this successful idiots in picture, so according to me he is not some one successful. It seems author of this blog sits with oppositions so come up every excuse to criticize successful people like Indian oppositions politician do for government policies and action.

Vivek Parmar March 8, 2011 at 7:20 pm

idiots are best whatever they do because they know what they are doing

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