Profit from what is on your customer’s minds, thanks to social media

Shiny Social Media BrainAfter too much bantering on and then agreeging to sudden social media success stories we now have agreed that social media has come of age. It is successful. People can sell stuff and build businesses via Social Media. The next immediate question that comes is HOW? And like Math there are too many ways to resolve this, a quick one is the recently launched

What is and what can it do or timeuse to be simple, is a project developed by Scott Golder, a graduate student in the Social Dynamics Lab in the Department of Sociology at Cornell University. What this tool does (or rather did) is record millions of public tweets, analyzed them and the data collected is now open to the whole world.

So what’s the big deal about this?

Simple you can fire queries on their dataset (I mean peekaboo into the data) and know when was a certain thing talked about a lot? I mean when do people said that they need help in xyz area, or when did people talked (tweeted) about their cool new gadget.

Will this information help my business?

Heck. Absolutely. You need to read this why twitter is better than google for your business. You need to know what people are demaning and just go ahead and fill their demands. This tool helps you to know when are such demands made. I mean, why not fish when there are enough fishes ready to get trapped rather than fishing in a dead pond.

Ok I got all that now …

Show me the money

Ok so now we boil down to the cream. Simple Question.

When will people talk about Breakfast the most?

Huh In the morning dodo.


And when do they talk about the iphone most? iphone apps? Or probably when do they want help from your buiness expertise the most? Are they open to discuss about insurance on weekends? Will they ask for a lawyer post leaving offices? Can you pitch a cheaper mobile plan or health insurance during Sunday afternoon? All this very much depends on when are the customer’s thinking about all these things and thats where this tool is a gem.

Here are some simple queries

ipad statistics twitter

Ready to rock the Apple App Store. Or making a dedicated app for the ipad. You Want to know who is talking iPads. Well the best days are Wednesday and Thursday. See the clear and HUGE difference. Some might be asking for help, some reviewing apps and others have a hell lot to talk about the iPad. So if your business revolves around iPad (apps, games, covers, protectors, accessories or even insurance) make sure you are active and all ears on Wednesday and Thursday.

So these kind of insights can popup. Wanna know more here are few interesting facts that I pulled up

  • Android apps are very popular during late nights or early mornings Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • 4-8 pm daily is the zone when people talk pizzazz. Do you have a deal ?
  • Though common sense but proves the point – Burger is required during 11 am – 2 pm and between 5 – 7 pm.
  • People talk about lenovo products during late nights or early mornings only
lenovo stats

lenovo statistics on twitter


pizza stats

Hope you get all of this and there is a catch

Yup yup I know that you knew there is a catch. This data is not super recent or hot. The data might not help you if your query is of a brand, or product which is quite recent. But I highly doubt whether last year people wanted an accountant on a specific time and this year it will be different.

What you can pull is open to your imagination. I guess smarties have already started analyzing happy-sad swings basis this data!

The point was not to just present this site. The point was to clearly show where social networking sites meets your business bottomline.

So what are you waiting for, go enjoy and try to pull as interesting analytics as possible.

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