Resource: The 10 deadliest mistakes you should avoid in any Business.

We all love simplicity. We have learnt that any complex problem can easily be solved by breaking it into simpler steps and avoiding common pitfalls. And of course we need a guide to help us along our path, who makes all this actually achievable.

Same is true with me. Apart from this awesome relationship that I have with my fellow readers, blogging at has also gained me a great network of fellow bloggers and guides who teach me these simple steps to attain my goal here at BizDharma. One of these fellow blogger / guide / friend is Daniel Scocco, who is often termed as “Master Blogger” by the community.

Daniel has recently come up with an awesome report that highlights 10 Deadly mistakes that any business should avoid. I would provide you a gist of the top 3 that are very relevant for me and how I understand them. Would strongly recommend that you go ahead by clicking here (free registration) and download the complete 17 page report to know in depth what stuff is required for success.

The top 3 mistakes that I learnt and my understanding of the same.

  1. Lacking Focus – This is the prime reason why not many businesses seem to achieve success in any business, especially online. We tend to pursue anything and everything that the competition is doing and end up digging out graves. Yes you should try many things but than you should be of Google size to burn cash without any plans.
  2. Trying to do everything yourself – Most of the entrepreneur chant the mantra of frugality. Though its true that cash is king, many don’t understand that if a task seems to be very trivial, it’s all the more important to get someone do it. That way you concentrate on the central theme of the Business
  3. Being inflexible – This I believe is more due to our own personal problems, internal rather than external. We try to build imaginary walls around our own concept of how things are done. That prevents experimenting, and stops innovation (The only thing that assures a startup survival).

The remaining 7 and Why to grab this Report right away

Apart from these as said there are many reasons to grab this report.

  1. A detailed list of 10 mistakes so common yet we fall prey to the same.
  2. The Report concludes with 10 clear and straight Action Points that should be used as a checklist by every person who wants to see his Business succeed.
  3. The complete report is condensed and very well formatted in a presentation style so that it is quick to read and easy to grasp.
  4. Lastly, as you know when the Master Blogger publishes something it ought to be interesting.

The Online Profits program.
All this is part of a bigger release that Daniel is having. Every year there is an online program that Daniel holds at his site The doors of the same are Open now. It’s not a crappy one-man show but a joint rendezvous with some of the high acclaimed people online who know what it takes to make a business thrive online. The program covers all a business would need for reaping huge profits online, from Online Marketing tactics and Email management; to SEO, Social media and online communities. Just have a look on the faculty list and you will realize why this is something you should follow if you are serious about your business. If you grab the report from the homepage. I don’t believe you would require any assurance about the quality of the program.

Disclaimer: Do note that links provided here are affiliate links. Don’t know whether they will even earn a dime for me, but will definitely help me track my part of contribution to this Master Blogger.

“Success doesn’t come to you…you go to it.” – Marva Collins

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