Why most sales tips and techniques dont work

The only sales technique needed‘Sales’ has been one of the fundamental skills that human beings have acquired right from the days communication between the apes started. Whether it’s selling your stuff or giving an interview you need to sell yourself well. Yet it has always been a subject less understood. Even the best of the best Sales tips and techniques don’t work in many situations. There is a reason why this happens and it has nothing to do with the skill, trait, technique or tip used for making Sales. The problem resides a few levels deeper

The game of Golf and Sales

Golf has always been a nice example whenever I talk about something more strategic. Even the ones who never played Golf connect to this very well.

Golfers are known for killing time on the playground (pun). They will aim, strategize, gauge, plan and do all the things except hitting the damn ball. Sit beside the ball and see where is it pointed. Make a few fake hits without actually hitting the ball. It always seemed crazy to me! But there is a reason why this is done.

Tony Robbins in one of his seminars explained this. If the direction in which you are hitting the ball goes wrong even by a minute degree where the stick hits the ball, it has great repercussions on how close the ball is to the hole when it reaches the target. The start is so very important

How do you sell? – The best technique

So what is all the above Golf insight to do with selling stuff? Answer this – What is the very basic work that a salesman does? Well, Sell? That’s where the problem lies.

While we all want to buy things. We don’t want someone to sell things to us!

How can a purchase happen without someone selling at the same time. The logic seems simple. Its about the power. Driving and not getting driven. We want to purchase things because we want to purchase them, and not because someone else is selling them.

At the back of the mind we relate a salesman with an evil figure whose job is just to sell you. Whether it is good for you or not, she needs to sell. This is unfortunate but so is the face of today’s Sales personnel.

So what can Sales personnel do?

This all raises a doubt. What is the job of a Sales girl in a shop. The answer – A sales girl is supposed to help the purchase process. Whatever is needed to support the buying is the job of sales personnel. Now whether that is about providing right data at the right time; discounting enough to be cheap, while valuing high enough to look worthy; Or giving that extra (push) motivation to ‘invest’ on a premium brand. Whatever you do has to revolve around the purchase not the sale.

Well if parting away from the word sales hurt you; call your job as augmenting sales and not actual sales. This is more of a paradigm shift.

Remember the feeling we have when we land up in a mall or super market and try to figure out what looks good on us? All of a sudden a Sales guy pops out. As a ‘humble servant’ they try to get your requirements so that they can get you the right product. Do we really have a requirement? We are there to buy clothes. That’s it. Is that requirement statement enough?

And what looks great on you is a personal choice and a sales man trying to push his preference should better mind his own business. The only time we need a sales man is when we have a query. Let us hunt for the support staff and not the other way round.

Seems cool? The next time you are trying to sell some stuff stop yourself immediately. Don’t sell, try to help your counterpart buy. It will not just make the buyer comfortable and earn you a sale but would generate more trust and hopefully repeated sales ahem purchases.

The wise man puts himself last and finds himself first. – Lao Tsu

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