Why Samsung Galaxy Tab is the best bet in the tablet market

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

Whether you love them or hate them (or think it’s just a fad) Tablets have really arrived and they are all prepared to stay. While there are tons of gizmos that hit the human species; I do see a great potential in the tablet market. The utility that Steve Jobs discovered-ignited-satisfied-amplified with the marvelous iPad, continues to go on and on. This post intends to have a look at the most recent and probably the only real contender to the iPad 2 the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 (or 10.1 if you are outside India)

There are a ton of features that both the tablets fight head on. While you can get a quick comparison on several gizmo sites, I would like to highlight specifically why I vote for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.

Before we move any further I would like to highlight that what you are reading is a post that I even plan to utilize as an entry to an Indiblogger competition; However the views expressed in this post are my own and no where inspired by any other factors whatsoever (apart from the Samsung Tab awesomeness of course!). So now that I have made things pretty clear, it is time to move ahead and time to tab.

The best Hardware and Software combo, just got better

While many of us cried the doom of the iPad when Android was launched, we know for sure that it was just day dreaming.Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-750-features The reason behind this was quite clear. No manufacturer was able to come up with the best Hardware to defeat iPad and even Android available then was in a nascent stage, nowhere close to be called a tablet OS.

Well, not any more. Better hardware, Smarter and Sexier than the iPad and powered by latest Android 3.1 (specially made for tablets), the Galaxy Tab is all on its way to dethrone the iPad soon.

Power and features like Motorola Xoom and slim looks along with competitive pricing like an iPad, The Tab has all what it takes to impress the masses. For those very particular on features, the Tab is thinner and lighter than the iPad and has similar levels of high performing processor built in.

Features that make Samsung Galaxy Tab a clear Winner

While we all talk and praise niche targeting or minimalism in general; reducing functionality available on a computing devices is not a differentiator for a gadget. It can be a disaster recipe. Even BlackBerry had to invest in the new media campaigns to prove that they are much more than an Email phone. Tablets can be bought by a gamut of users and Samsung has tried to satisfy all segments of this market with the right set of features.

  • Business Ninja – Providing software to view and edit Office documents out of the box and the proprietary swipe typing technology ensures you are always top notch productive.
  • Geek Surfer – A full blown browser with Flash 10! Is it really required? While some may argue this fact but even till date there are millions of sites that rely on Flash and it can’t be ignored at least as of now. And the inner geek in you wants to enjoy the best of both worlds. Right?
  • Book Worm – With 10.1 inches – a pint more than iPad, bookworms get more space to read their books and magazines on this extra sharp gizmo. With more pixels per inch and options like Google Books and Amazon Kindle app – there is no reason to go the ebook way. Buy them or rent them you just can’t stop enjoying the experience.
  • Lifestyle and Entertainment – Full HD entertainment right on the click of a button and surround sound options comes packed with a super amoled sharp screen; the gadget supports almost all known video formats. And Android market seems to speed up faster than the App Store according to some recent figures.

Will Samsung Galaxy Tab kill the iPad?

Yes that’s the main question. The Apple fanboys scream Yes, the Android geeks say No but I believe there is another view to this beyond the iPad. What is iPad today? A necessity or a fashion accessory?

With powerful features I believe what the Tab will replace is the Net book market which is more broken, scattered and easily gulp-able. From office integration to wholesome entertainment the device has all it takes to kill the clunky net books; a market which even after multiple attempts never really flourished.

Tablets are transforming. They are no more just fashion accessories or style statements. The surge in tablet sales proves it all. Samsung galaxy tab need not be an ipad killer, all it needs to be is a tablet for masses and from what I can see from the initial reviews the tab is on its way to Stardom!

The final blow

Powerful TabWhile there are many features that we can keep talking about; I believe the best stuff that this Tab gives is the complete User Experience.

The tablet comes with Android Honey Comb, an operating system specially built for tablets. Furthermore it is toppled with the Samsung tried and tested proprietary UI which acts as the icing. Android as an OS gives freedom to play with the core the way you want to. Though some consider the iOS as more stable than the Android, in reality I feel it just doesn’t matter. Android gives the app market more control over the OS, this I believe is enough to crush the iPad/iOS combo in the long run.

Will all this provided out of the box both the Geek and the Business man inside me feels in control.

I hope you got the difference that makes Android tabs and specially Samsung Galaxy Tab rock the boat. Samsung has been very successful with the previous tablet and now with all those learning intact I believe the new Galaxy Tab 750 is the best bang for your buck. Go on, Tab!

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You can read and promote my post here: 10 Rock-Solid Reasons why you should GET TABBING now!

You can read and promote my post here: 10 Rock-Solid Reasons why you should GET TABBING now!

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DK November 21, 2011 at 12:38 pm

What is cost of samsung galaxy tab in india ? And as I am a student so what i see is tab is better than laptop to carry and may be faster. And i want to know how much its lagging from laptop ? as i am not super gamer but i am addicted to internet, movies,power points,video editing so does it lack in such things ?

pratap December 23, 2011 at 5:35 pm

can u suggest a good android phone in the price range of 15k and the best in tab’s

Neetika January 29, 2013 at 10:24 pm

nice writeup sir !! :)

Himanshu Chanda January 29, 2013 at 10:35 pm

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