What should startups blog when there is nothing to blog about

Startup blogWhile the internet is filled with articles on what startups and businesses should blog about; I occasionally think this becoming yet another form of rat race. Yes we all understand that content creation is a sexy way to attract lots and lots of traffic and inbound marketing forms a key part of social media. What we fail to realize is that not all startups or entrepreneurs are capable of or have time to blog about their domain of expertise. I can write good chunk of text convincing you the benefits of a blog for startup but end of the day the basic principle remains the same – if you can’t be consistent better not do it.

This brings us to the thought what should we blog about. Definitely area of expertise, but incase if the topic is not traffic worthy or content is what you want to sell rather than throwaway free? Or probably you just don’t want to blog about what you are supposed to!

The benefits of the blog still remain; hence I just thought of coming up with a list of what a startup can blog about when there’s actually nothing to blog (assuming you know that if you blog daily about your dog on your business website, the only customer that you attract will be  – your dog)

Blog about your aspirations and goals

This gives a social push to what and how you are achieving with your venture. Declaring it openly will ensure (to some extent) that you fulfill the promise that you are making to yourself. True, that the whole world is not reading your blog but those few acquaintances that you know would be aware of your progress. A startup journey is always adventurous and blogging about these thrilling experiences will always have takers.

Your experiences as a startup

There are a gazillion posts online describing how to do things but not many actually implement or provide you a firsthand view of the same. They are just random thoughts written for the sake of it. It is you who know the pain of quitting monthly salaries and burning yourself with passion. It is you who stands at petrol pumps and markets his products on weekends. All this is important to share. Not to gain sympathy but to motivate yourself and show the world that you walk the talk.

Critique the industry

Once you are into the startup ballgame you suddenly start realizing how much wrong the industry you are in is. The way people analyze stuff and label them success and failure. How products with substance and potential often don’t see the light of the day and how stupid ideas get raving media attention.

Probably shouting on the streets won’t help caress this troubling. However a blog is a handy medium to comment on what is happening in your industry. Probably not many agree to you; that’s okay. You are just blogging and not contesting for the next presidential election. Be precise and show solutions too, a healthy criticism will not only help others but even gain some goodwill for your intellect. Do read how 37signals is worth 100 Billion, a funny take on the current financial analysis.

Okay blog about your dog!

Yup at times you just can’t resist – cribbing, hating, loving, analyzing or talking about things that nowhere matters to your business and probably is not expected by your readers. That’s okay! Occasional personal posts help your reader understand you as a person and connect better. No dedicated reader quits along the way just because he didn’t agree to your single post.

A handy tip though is to keep such posts under control, categorize them well on your blog and for the strict readers, well give them a hint that today you are going to talk about personal issues. If honesty is the best policy a few personal and honest posts will never hurt your startup blog.

End of the day it’s about consistency. Keep going. You will be out of ideas, out of sense and out of this goddamn entrepreneurship bug but the log of these thoughts that you maintain will always serve as good memories. And incase if you still feel confused – we are here. Shoot a comment and take help from fellow bloggers. That’s it go ahead and start your startup’s blog

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Jane Lieberman July 6, 2011 at 9:56 pm

Funny you should say this. I was, actually, seriously considering the dog route (easily my favorite subject,) but I realize that 20 years as a Creative Director and owning a marketing communications company should account for something. Currently, as Managing Partner of a high-end (and low-cost) ecard company designed to help people communicate beautifully in their personal lives and in business, I ought to be able to develop posts that are somewhat blog-worthy. If only I wasn’t already working 18- hour days for the last 2.5 years in prod and site development, I might have a brain cell or two left to start developing said posts. Your points are well taken and I shall read them with tired blue eyes over and over until I am able to focus on saying something meaningful, helpful, interesting and relatable…and be, as you say, consistent about it. Hopefully, when we start down the blog path relatively soon, it will be more than the same old thing. In the meantime, take a look at unvelope.com and send something wonderful to someone you care about! Thanks for the post. I’m sure you gave many a needed boost!

Himanshu Chanda July 11, 2011 at 6:36 pm

Hi Jane,

Thanks for taking time to comment. i appreciate that and even the hard work you have put in last many years. I believe you should start with considering blog as a simple tool for communication. That way it will not feel like yet another task to you. And yes for any help we are here !

By the way the site seems to be unavailable any issues ??

Pradeep October 2, 2011 at 5:56 am

Awesome post and really great tips. I always wonder what to blog about when you don’t any exciting news or happening to share about your start-up or the business.

Appreciate this post and super liked the line ” if you can’t be consistent better not do it.”.

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