The biggest secret about your client

Who is your client

We all have had various experiences with our clients. Whether the experience has been good or bad I believe almost all of us agree to this universal law – A client is one of the most important person in our life.

So if you too concur with this law I have a big secret for you. And mind you this secret can actually help you make life better both for you and your client. I have personally tested this and I believe this understanding will bring more satisfaction for your client too.

Do you want to know what this BIG secret it?

Well I term this as a secret as it is not known or implemented by many. All what we do is read, hear and forget it. The last part which is implementation is lost. So whatever you call it understanding/ fluff/ or a secret. Here it is.

Your client is a human being.

Yes, that’s it. This is the secret which can improve life of both the parties by at least a 100%. Guaranteed!

Who the heck is a client? Our Understanding.

But before that why does this tiny secret matter so much? A separate blog post! If you too have this question troubling you, great! You are on the right path. Whether we agree or not we have forgotten this silly point. Our approach, mails, help, communication and understanding all reflects that we consider our client as someone different from us.

As time passes by we start developing our understanding of what a client is.

  • For some of us the Client is same as a shrewd manager. He wants to give the least, get the most and yet crib about it. Never will give you a referral.
  • For others client is like a wife who expects us to perform like a superman.
  • Some think a client as a lazy dog on a Sunday afternoon. You can keep honking your car and later take a different route but he will not budge from the center of the road.
  • And for the last group a client is an enemy, a beast. One who just keeps a watch on you and will spring upon to grab you when things go wrong.

May be you didn’t fit into any of the above categories. But in that case you probably are ignorant about your own self. We all crib some day or the other about how bad our clients are but the solution to this lies in the understanding in why the client behaves in the way he behaves.

What should a client be considered?

Here comes the tiny secret. A client should be considered a Human being and treated like one. Nothing less and nothing more.

  • Know that he too has challenges
  • Know that he too has a boss to answer
  • If he shouts on you probably someone else has been shouting on him from morning
  • He doesn’t understand your problems. Probably that’s an issue with you articulating it for him.

If he doesn’t understand what I am trying to say. Probably he doesn’t understand the technical stuff, has no idea of the service I am providing. But that’s the first reason why he came to me and no one else. You got the business. Didn’t you?

I am nowhere near to claiming that your client is your God! Nor even a beast. He is the same person who lives nearby. Similar to the person you call friend, neighbor, dad or whatever. It’s just the game of destiny that you are serving him for time being. Try to be in his shoes.

(By the way I am using just one gender across this post for simplicity but when I address Client, it caters to both a male and a female)

If you can understand him well. Try to put across things in the right way. Walk the extra mile Walk a few more steps for him. Probably that would be more than enough to iron out the differences.

The next time you find it difficult in being at this side of the game try to understand the scene at the opposite end. Act as if your client is a human being (really) and just see what miracles it can bring in to your relationship.

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Rakesh Kumar December 31, 2010 at 5:49 pm

I always try to understand my client feelings. Thanks for suggestions.

Simon Duck January 4, 2011 at 1:20 pm

Understand your clients and hopefully they will become clients for life! Making sure you get returns customers/clients is very important and will help get new customers/clients in the long term.

Shri Hari January 9, 2011 at 12:52 pm

Nice Story!

Pradeep September 26, 2011 at 9:43 am

Nice post. liked the line “A client should be considered a Human being and treated like one. Nothing less and nothing more.” and that’s true. Nothing can be better than giving a human touch to your customer to let them feel good.

You may like to fix the typo “Do you want to know what this BIG secret it?”

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