Planning to get some startup funding or raise small business grants? Eat this.

Kickstart funding your venture

Getting funds for your startup somehow seems to be ‘THE’ issue most of the startups are facing. Lets try to add some sanity to your pitch and raise the odds of getting funded

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Why successful teams require a CDO – Chief Discomfort Officer

Uncomfortable with boss

The new CXO level job that every leader needs to play in her organization. Teams need to be motivated to run the extra mile. They need a bit of discomfort. Here’s why

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You are more capable than you think you are

Think Capable

Think you have not been able to make it BIG because you are not capable? Think again. This post might change completely the way you assume things about yourself

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A layman’s guide to building exceptional things

Exceptional stuff

While we all want to be exceptional no one really strives to be one. Its not a rocket science and here is a simple three step plan to be exceptional in everything you do.

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If I could wipe out one department from every company it would be …

Wipe out the HR department

While we work for our organization or our own startups, we tend to forget, to question what is assumed to be normal. This post tries to highlight the need to departments which today are found in every company but add near zero value for the purpose they are formed

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What David Ogilvy and Steve Jobs can teach you about Marketing and Sales

Steve Jobs and David Ogilvy image

The sole purpose of any business function is to evolve. This holds true even with Sales and Marketing. However I believe the age old definitions have been hard wired into our brains. This post attempts some key stuff every Sales and Marketing campaign must achieve.

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Best Interview Questions to ask while recruiting for your startup, business or organization

startup interview questions

We often get into a dilemma while interviewing a candidate for our start up, team or business. There remains a gut feel whether the person interviewed is a right candidate ? This post delves into the details and helps you ask smarter interview questions

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Promises that every startup has to make to the legendary Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Apple

A post that not just highlights what we learned from Steve Jobs but also tries to highlight the implementation promises that we need to make to the man Steve Jobs. My personal summary of what I learned and what I will do rest of my life.

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Profit from what is on your customer’s minds, thanks to social media

Shiny Social Media Brain

How can social media be used to monetize your business. More marketing, more sales and more leverage. Social media is here to deliver whatever you want

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Internet has no entry barriers : Myth Buster

Dot Com Internet entry barrier

How many times have you met someone with the next big dot com idea? We feel that since launching a .com company can be done over a weekend by anyone with a shoestring budget; it virtually has no entry barriers. Is that thought true? Lets checkout

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