Why Samsung Galaxy Tab is the best bet in the tablet market

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

A detailed post about why the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 (10.1 inch) is the best bet in the tablet market. The features, strategy and the differentiation when compared to the iPad 2.

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How to double your sales with a simple hack

How to double sales

This post describes a simple hack which is the base of all successful sales strategies. Know how to double your sales by just applying a basic principle known to master salesmen from ages.

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LOL Cats, Govind Tiwari and How Marketing on the Internet is a different ballgame

LOL Cat Internet Marketing

Marketing is no more a “get their attention and they will buy” game. Most of the things we do on Internet is different than the way we do it offline. Why then should a business use old school marketing tactics to grab consumers online?

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Negotiation Tactics: What a tiny Indian retailer taught me about negotiation

negotiation tactic indian retailer

Learn one more simple negotiation tactic that I learnt from Indian retailers during my childhood. Give more to the receiver in your negotiation without losing anything! Earn customers and profits in a win-win game.

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What should startups blog when there is nothing to blog about

Startup blog

While the internet is filled with articles on what startups and businesses should blog about; I occasionally think this becoming yet another form of rat race. Blogging is important but what if you dont have enough time to write those analytical posts. As a startup you are much busier working on your venture rather than concentrating on a blog. What should a startup then blog about?

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Most innovative and creative use of Business Cards

Innovative use of your Business Card

We use business cards in our daily life. Why not creatively utilize it to make more than what we invest in it. Here is a simple list and some innovative examples people can/are using their business cards.

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Why Google, Microsoft or other Biggies will acquire you?

Ready to be acquired?

Exit is one of the most important sections in a business plan. Are you planning to get acquired by Google Microsoft or some other biggie? Here’s help! Lets discuss some very important reasons (beyond having a good product) that force these biggies to shell out money

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Groupon selling iPad for $50 Can you believe this!

Cheap iPad at $50

Yes this is big news indeed. Really BIG. Groupon selling an iPad2 worth 500 $ for just 50 bucks? Most of you have already sensed that there is something fishy out here. But there is more to learn than doubt on this deal. I cant guarantee you will get an iPad for 50 bucks but I can definitely assure you will gain better knowledge out of this for sure.

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Disadvantages being a customer of group buying and deal sites. Lessons Learnt

Sale Deals on shirts

There is a flood of deal sites all across the internet. Every other deal site wants you to get the best things in life at a ridiculously cheap price. But are these Groupons of any good in the long term? Being a customer myself I would warn you before taking the deal. Here’s why

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